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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas.

This is kind of a random blog, because i realized that travis is x600000 times smarter than me, and yet, it took him less than 24 hours to make his blog pretty and work. and now he blogs like... 5 times a day.

im jealous. i only blog like... once a day.
im so jealous, i need to pee.

no... maybe thats the coffee talking.

for the record, travis somehow subconsciously suggested that i watched this cloud with a bleeding anus (click on the banana). Only watch this if you're:
a) stoned
b) are a fluffy cloud with a bleeding anus
c) slightly drunk
d) sexy
e) procrasinating
f) all of the above.

yes travis. i already know which ones apply to you.
thats why i put them there :P

anywho, here's me... up from my nap... feeling like crap.

do you think its a bad sign if my ears are ringing and i get dizzy when i walk?

yeah. didnt think so. but i took my temperature anyway, and i dont have a fever.

i think its because im a scientologist and my little evil bacteria is mad at me. wouldnt that make me do evil things?

oh yes. i already supplied you with the link to travis's profile AND the blasted link to the cartoons.

im a terrible person. fuck me.

actually dont. you might get sick.
and i dont want your diseases. parker told me one out of three people have an STD... or STI... wait... STD? STI? fuck, i hate trying to be politically incorrect.

i hate being sick
to my blog, my brain can't stick
i think ill go suck some...


god. what did you think i was going to say? perv. a la hali, you mind is probably in "that thing thats fun while your bowling.. what is that... um.. you know! bowling! uh... GUTTER!"

silly silly sillllllly girl.

damn. somebody get this monkey some codine.

cruel cruel world. my head is throbbing.

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