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Friday, February 27, 2004

So I went to Salem with my mom today. we left around noon, after i had woken up at 10:30, my mom decided it was "VICTORIA SECRET TIME!"

oh god. i dont think ive ever spent that much on underwear in my life.
i felt like jessica simpson. frick. blond. dumb. and spent waaaay to much money.

but at least my boobs will look cute. well. ill know. you might not. who knows.

anywho spent the whole day shopping. AE, Gap, Vickies, JC Penny, NORDIES, etc.

my back hurts.

but i spent moneys. lots of them. and i wont spend for a good... eh... 6 months. so its all good.

its time to go see the stack with les. girls time out for now. we're rocking it hardcore. us, in black. hella hot. you know the drill.

and for the record, its black, with cherries, little white flowers, and red lace.

hot. i know, cruel cruel world.

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