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Sunday, February 01, 2004

So this weekend was... ah... painfull? yes, painful. lets start at the beginning.

Thursday - Work party for high-o-scope, which in my opinion, shouldnt exist... why should i have to spend some of my precious weekend time working on something for school that SHOULD be completed in class IF deadlines were reasonable. Yeah. its dumb. Everyone cool was there, aka Arlen, Lesley, and .Joely. So i finished my page, and promptly left thinking "geez, this is great. I have a good... eh.... 4 hours to myself before i am shipped off to a wooden box in the forest. Joely had nothing to do at the time, so he walked home with me and we chilled while i packed. Somehow, i magically zapped joel into letting me take his gameboy for the weekend. Now, does this really make sense? boy, parting with electronics for no apparent reason? yes, i know. but joel is no average boy. We left for the cabin that night, with me in a stinky SUV with blue, sex-powered game boy in hand, off towards the mountain. When we arrived, it was cold. there was snow. I was lonely.... and my cell phone didnt get reception. frick.

Friday - got up late. It was one of those: "Damn, what am i going to do with a whole day" days. So my mom decided it was family game time. Yes, family game time for the ENTIRE FUCKING DAY. now, this is wrong. very wrong. But as i placed the blue sex-powered game boy down, i knew i was doomed. DOOMED. But after burning one jiffy pop, and baking to perfection another, who knew i was that good at Elvinland? Well yeah, fuck that. I was. Dinner at Don Guidos was super as usual. Minestrone and tiramisu never get old...

Saturday - Skiiiiiiiing! got up around 7 and drove down to Valians Ski Shop, where i promply bought some wool socks and rented skis and boots. None of the ones at the cabin fit me anymore, so rental is the way to go. Skiing was breathtaking. 3 ski teams were practicing on a couple of runs, but the place was practically empty. Get this, as I was getting in line for a chairlift, i hear someone go "hey Marc!" and just for kicks i turned around. Yes, it was Marc Nablek (sp?) getting on the chairlift... and i thought he was in Bend? Nope, there he was, racing suit and all. I would have said "hi", but he barely knows me and probably would have ignored me. So i got off the lift and headed down "canyon", my 3rd black diamond run of the day. Anywho, after a long day of skiing. (a good 4 hours) we went back to the car, where i promptly tried to remove my painful, calf-crunching ski boots. No. the little fuckers wouldnt come off. So l literally held on to the car for dear life as my dad yanked them from my feet. I soon discovered that when your toes are white and you can barely move them - its a bad sign. My toes still hurt, and i have been diagnosed with "below surface skin bruises" which my mother likes to say is "Turf toe". Im expecting my toenails to fall off any day now... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Sunday - thank god im home. So the weekend wasnt a total bust. Arlen is comming ove to watch football with me in a few minutes, because everyone decided they wouldnt watch it today. which is good, because i missed him while i was gone, and i need to spend some time with him before the new semester starts. All i have to say, its that blu carmen better be ready...

so what if my toes hurt like a bitch cruel cruel world... SO FUCKING WHAT!!!!!

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