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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Toxic gives me an eargasm. A la Sasha.

So i leave for Emory in a few minutes. Turns out like... 8 people read my blog. Hurray. At least i have an audience.

yeah. well. im not sure what else to say. Maybe i should leave messages for my faithful readers:

Katie : you are awesome. I will see you tomorrow. HAR HAR HAR!
Lolo: i love you tons. I promise you + me + puppies = when i get back.
Joely: take care of yourself boy! dont fall of that crazy trampoline... or at least wait until i get back so i can watch. dont forget to do your bad valentines thingggggg! yeayah!
Arlen: i heart you. I miss you already.
Lesley: my mermaid! youre right. we havent had girl time for CENTURIES! ( it seems like) i promise when i get back, ill be dressed better and we will have a girls day.
Sash: eargasm. you + me + ror + branny + andrew + brian + chateau + canoe island = paradise. You know we'll make it someday.
Nora : i miss you hun. i would say the same ol same ol... but that would get old.

crap. time to go. this sucks. im flying on friday the 13th. frick frick frick. i love you jesus... sometimes.

stay cool. save the cruel cruel world.

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