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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

There is only so much i can put up with.

When a teacher bad mouths my friend, i seriously want to stand up and kick some ass... but i cant because im not suppost to be evesdropping... my bad.

anywho, i figure this is first of 6 blogs for today. i might go work on HOS this period, cause im done grading for Ms. Russell. Its not like i can do much anyway: only one reporter turned in their article.

maybe ill just go fuck around in the room anyway.

this is another of my very short blogs. i have a psych test next period that i should really be studying for... even though its open note, i have yet to read the chapter WHATSOEVER. Maybe i should at least read the editors notes.


hey, why doesnt the title field show up on my page? i need an internet genious to fuck with my blog.

murrrr cruel cruel world.

ps. trav, you wanted my template? ehhhhh?

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