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Sunday, February 22, 2004

__10 bands/artists you've been listening to a lot lately, in no order
1)Ugh, Britney. Sorry guys.
4)The Offspring
6)Group X
9)Lil Jon

__9 things you look forward to
1)USC screenwriting summer program
5)my trip to seattle to visit SASHA! woooot!
6)moving out of my house
7)being sucessful
9)dying. haha, my soul is bleeding. teen angst.

__8 things you like to wear
3)the jeans with the hole in the knee. they are my sister's and they are the only pair of jeans that have ever fit right... minus the hole in the knee.
5)camisoles and wife beaters
6)my pumas
7)my adidas
8)all of my vickie's underwear... and the paul frank ones too...

__7 things that annoy you
1) my father, or lack thereof...
2) people who say " the kettle black..."
3) cocky people
4) people that lead you on only to leave you in the dust
5) that weird chick that says "advanced copy" throughout my atmosphere songs... MUR!
6)homework. out the hizzy.
7)my mother's constant push to be sucessful. i figure if i meant to be successful, it will happen - BUT NO! thats not the way it works apparently...

__6 things you say most days
1) actually
2) intense
3) mur
4) mang
5) ow
6) shit

__5 things you do everyday
1) brush my teeth
2) check my email
3) pick at my fingernails
4) find some reason to be unhappy
5) sleep

__4 people you want to spend more time with
1) sasha
2) ror
3) arl
4) les
shit... JOELLL TOOOO! AND NORA!!!! AND MY SISTERRRRRRRR! (four people is too few!)

__3 movies you could see over and over again
1) finding nemo ("hey there mr grumpy gilllls!")
2) ferris buller's day off
3) paris hilton sex tape... HAHA, big JK! ummmmmmm... fight club fo sho.

__2 of your favorite songs at the moment
1) woman with the tatooed hands - Atmosphere
2) don't want you back - Eamon

__1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
1) the person i feel most comfortable spending the rest of my life with would probably be travis. i dont think any of you know him really, and i dont think he reads this, but he is probably one of the most inteligent, kind, honest person i've ever met. he has really yet to realize how wonderful he is. i havent talked to him for weeks, and i feel guilty. so travis, if you actually read this, i will beat you up for not telling me, AND i will talk to you soon. i promise.

choir retreat was mediocre. i spent most of the weekend tickling joel egli, being tickled by joel egli, irritating joel egli, giggling with hali, talking with edith and jo, screaming, blowing my nose, beating up joel egli, telling joel egli to keep his shoes off my bunk, eating chex mix, singing, um, more singing, being tired, being annoyed, being cold, being hot, being depressed, being dehydrated, being lonely, being confused, and last but not least, laughing at edith.

just some lovely reminders:
"Kick him in the ANUSSS!"
"look! i can cover my anus with my hand!"
(me:)"what was she, like, two years old?" (edith:)"she's asian."

god edith. you are hilarious. best friends FOREVERRRRRRR! haha, you know you'll never talk to me again... :P

i still have no short term memory. thanks hunter.

cruel cruel world, i am soooooooo sick and tired. my mother hates me.

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