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Monday, February 16, 2004

So last night... yeah... I don't really want to go into much detail, considering who the fuck KNOWS who reads this page! oh yeah, i do know...

anywho, last night consisted of me talking, a lot. and um... i thought about blogging last night, and then i got destracted by my coat zipper and my arm hair.

that is all.

if you must know, contact me other than internet, and i will tell you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll about it.

i am a bad bad girl, cruel cruel world. i miss LJA.

as the mermaid shipped off to sea, she said: "merry christmas to all! and to all a good night!"... no she didnt. she really said: "take every chance youve been given, ill see you in high-o-scope." i miss you murrrrrrrrrrrmaid. see you in 24 hours... well.... according to my time... hm... no... i guess its more like 21 hours... that makes more sense... sometimes... nevermind.

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