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Monday, March 01, 2004

Welcome to Jeers and Cheers of '04. Please take your seats, the show is about to begin...

Cheers to Billy Crystal, who was funny as fuck during the academy awards. yes, there were so many more new zealanders to thank.

Jeers to that stupid woman on my Atmosphere songs, who continues to say "ADVANCED COPY! THIS IS FOR PRESS RELEASE ONLY!" According to Katie Payne, her copies say something about you getting flies in your dirty belows if you download it.

... but Cheers to Slug of Atmosphere who keeps getting cooler every time I listen.

Jeers to Charlize Theron. I'm sorry, everybody thinks she's a goddess. But even i could be paid to get fat on purpose and not wear makeup and pretend i got raped and that gives me a reason to kill people. She has such a fake facade - dont get me wrong, she's beautiful, and maybe she did deserve the award, but she seems so unreal. I'm not sure what to really think of her.

Cheers to Travis, whom i love dearly. He wrote me a poem... sort of... for my half birthday. (at my request of course) who else is going to tell me my spoon is too big, i need more cowbell, and is going to be a nudist with me with the harems and horses in our mountain cabin? voluenteers? didnt think so... but Travis would. :P Moo.

Jeers to Bill Murray, who actually seemed pissed that he didn't win the award for best actor. It was a good movie, but you had to guess that mystic river would beat your ass into the ground.

Cheers to Katie Shaw. I recently read her blog, and I truely believe that her life is going in a truely positive direction... no wait... thats the drugs talking... but anywho, I sounds like her life is going super-de-dooper well, and I wish her all the best in everything she does. I hope that things work out for you, chicadee. (ps. did you see julianne more at the oscars? GODDESSSSSSSS!)

Jeers to my palm pilot, who continues to be small, losable, and obnoxious when it comes to doing that supid graffiti shit. damn pretty shiny thing...

Cheers to Bunny, whom i cant seem to spend too much time with. Coldstone for 45 minutes with my little brother, bed heaters, "grow" (JOEL CHEATED!), and Deigo Luna loves us both, remember that. We can go to Utah and be polygamious together. I promise that if i become famous one day, I will introduce you to Diego Luna at my wedding... when i marry Elija Wood. Sorry ladies, he's mine. (Note to Travis: you are lined up as my 4th husband. Your turn will come, i promise. :P MOO! )

Jeers to Joel Parse, who cheated on the "grow" game. (see link in previous post) We all know slackers are the ones that can do it right, you've obviously lost your title. lub you anyway. haha, i tease you. start sleeping more babe.

Cheers to my mom, who is wonderful. I love her so much. Somebody better remember that and remind me when i hate her again.

Jeers to the Corvallis Post Office, who has kept my DKNY/college interview clothes package hostage for a good 3 days. Fuck you man, bring me my DKNY. GAAAAAAAAAA, NOW! Lazy bastards...

Cheers to Blou Carman, who can actually teach me something. I dont know what you put in those candy hearts in the little glass bowl (hope theyre not roofies!) but whatever you did made me feel really smart for once in my life.

Jeers to my Psychology project group who is really self absorbed. (minus Ali, who is cool, and Avery, who is hella tight.) Okay, so just Hanna and Dine. They have been nothing but bitchy to me. The only reason they get a gold star this week, is because they schedualed our meeting at the Beanery. But the star gets taken away, because Hanna and Dine intend on running to their own table as soon as we're done trading books. thanks guys. i appreciate that. (blog back - avery slacked the entire time, and hanna and dine are way cool now.)

Cheers to Arlen Proctor (not like theres more than one Arlen.) Sorry i got you sick. feel better babe.

Jeers to the bitch that rammed into Parker's car, that sucks man. I hope everything works out. I think you should sue anyway, saying it gave you whiplash... or a bruise or something. Thank god you came out okay.

Jeers to AP US History. Nuff said.

Cheers to the scarf im making. So far, so good.

Jeers to Bill Shakespeare, who gave all the women in 12th Night WAAAAY too many lines. I dont think im going to get in, but its worth a shot. Im tempted to go for the Clown's role, and bring in my guitar and sing a comedic version of "feelin groovy" or something. Im temped to humiliate myself if ill for sure get in the play, but if im not, fuck that man. Not a big fan of making fun of myself. I have bad self esteem as it is...

... but Cheers to Ronda McBeth, for changing the performance on the 15th to a matinee instead of going during prom. Woot for me and my organization.

Jeers to clam sauce on pasta. Never again, dad. NEVER AGAIN.

Cheers to Katie and Gopi who will be in town from Friday night, through Wednesday morning.

Jeers to mildew. Ew.

Cheers to Joel Parse (changed my mind!) for being smart enough to cheat on the "grow" game. (DUH!) and teaching me how to do a front flip on the tramp. What tramp? oh... uh... the one in the melee game... you know, that item... its really great mom and dad... i swear... video game...

Jeers to the woman with the editorial in the gazette times who said that if homosexuals can get married: "who's next? threesomes? polygamy is illegal!"

Cheers to Washington, for having the COOLEST PEOPLE EVER! The plan is for me to come up for a week or two before i go to USC on June 27th. Mark your calendars, beeches.

Jeers to the wet washcloth in my bathroom. It keeps getting in the way.

Cheers to Bob, who only wanted to get to his room, but decided to introduce himself on the way.

Jeers to Katie Payne, who has yet to give me my copy of On the Rocks. I want some hardcore accapella boys choir music. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. lub you anyway KT!

Cheers to Nora Chovanec, whom i miss dearly, and miss even more when i only get to see her for a split second. mang, that sucks. if we both get into 12th night, there will be some massive line running parties, FO SHO! (CALL ME THIS WEEKEND, SERIOUSLY!)

Jeers to my parents, who wont move the computer to my room.

Cheers to Lindsay,who is always there when i need somebody to talk to.

Jeers to Coldstone. They need a bigger place, and more people working. Lemme know if you decide to hire me... or something... youre delicious, but inneffective...

Cheers to MADtv, who did the best Renee Zellwiger impression EVER.

Jeers to Romola Garai, (the chick from dirty dancing havana nights.) youre beautiful, you can dance, but you cant act worth a damn. and this is a movie darling... AND you kiss and fuck Deigo Luna. yeah. i hate you now. good movie tho... sort of.

Cheers to Mel Gibson. He's finally given people a reason to vomit during one of his movies. Too much blood. Rumor has it a woman had a seizure and died during the movie. (NO! NOT AT ALBANY LESLEY!) my mom told me that when i got home from albany, and we saw some lady on the floor with two EMPs by her side. Crazy Jesus movies... stop it mel. youre crazy.

Jeers to that mean dog at the humane society. I know, homeless dog = sad. But homeless rabies infested biting dog = BAD/EVIL. Good thing they had him in the plastic walled cage, or i would have lost a hand or something...

Cheers to Ms. Russell, who wrote me a super reccomendation. I believe it is the one thing that will propell me into the USC program. WOOT.

So yeah, this ends Cheers and Jeers. Hope youve enjoyed your stay. Please exit on the right, dont forget your personal belongings...

Cheers to all, cruel cruel world. everybody needs a little love...

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