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Sunday, March 28, 2004

im starting to hate this blog with a passion that can only be described as "despicable."

I hate my life. I hate the actors in it. Why must we all ask questions that we know the answers to? Is it because we want to hear it from someone else? of course not, they might not give us the right answer. We do it because we fear of harming others. As much of an altruist I am making myself sound, i am on the fence on this issue, and wish to discuss it candidly, yet criptically on my blog so you can have the following conversations with me:

You: "Hey Nat, what was with your last blog?"
Me: "Nothing" (exit stage left or right)

I am already sick of the chaos that is about to ensue. I am a volcano, on the verge or bursting.

Sash, send that bitch from your livejournal in my direction. I want to see her claws hit the ceiling. fucking bitch. who the fuck does she think she is?

okay, so removing me from my high horse, and on a dredfully lighter note, my trip went fine. Even though my mom and I voulenteered to get bumped (they overbooked the portland flights out of San Francisco by about 35 people...), twice, we recieved a night at a $35 hotel (you have no idea...) and four free plane tickets (mind you, voulenteered on two different flights.) apparently, people write books about accumulating free airline tickets. no wonder these companies go bankrupt so quickly. damn inflation.

as for the trip, Avenue Q was my favorite show. Puppet nudity, puppets for that matter, based on Sesame Street Characters (Even though the program states that it in no way is a "representation or reference to Sesame Workshop or any of its programs and affiliates.")
The show is called "Avenue Q", dammit! "Avenue Q" and "Sesame Street" (or "Place Sesamo" if you watch the spanish channel like i do...) for god sakes, you might as well have called it "where all the perverted puppeteers go to work after sesame street"! Half of the cast had previously worked on the show. The set looked like the sesame street ghetto, if there was one. one of the characters talked just like ernie, and he lived with his closeted gay friend Rod, even though everyone was sure that both puppets were gay.
my favorite song from the show was "The internet is for porn", or maybe it was "My girlfriend in Canada"i bought the soundtrack, and i will be listening to it everytime i drive. here's how the songs go... just a clippit, just for you:

My Girlfriend in Canada(sung by Rod, as a coverup for his gay-ness):
"i wish you could meet my girlfriend,
my girlfriend who lives in canada
her name is alberta
she lives in vancouver,
she cooks really well
and sucks like a hoover"

The internet is for porn (sung by Trekkie Monster, who sounds like a Perverted Cookie Monster... now that i think about it...):
"The internet is for porn,
the internet is for porn,
grab your dick and double click,
for porn, porn, porn!"

I also really liked "it sucks to be me" but its kinda negative for right now.

Saw Hugh Jackman in Boy from Oz. It was great. I laughed, I cried, i recommend it to anyone who loves a good musical or wants to see Hugh passionatly kiss a guy from Texas or have a girl from the audience rub his butt... and be really embarassed about it. it made me wish i was in the front row.

20th century was really funny. Anne Heche really surprized me and made me realize: "Yes, clinically crazy people CAN be really funny." She has saggy boobs tho. im glad im not her. Alec Baldwin was also reallllly funny. Although, i never want to see him stage kiss a woman EVER AGAIN. ew. ew. ew.

Saw Katie Couric. Saw Matt Lauer. Saw Ann whats-her-butt. Al Roker was elsewhere. Saw the SNL set. (getting tickets for next season! i hope!) Saw last call with carson set, speaking of carson, we stayed in times square, and the mariott marquis (featured in Vanilla Sky) was the hotel my mom and i stayed at. It is next door to Viacom, which houses MTV and the TRL studio. The only day i was around MTV when they were doing something was on friday at 5:45, they were taping TRL, I was on camera, because i walked down the street. I asked somebody who was in the studip (500000 people in the street) and she was like "ZOOOZUUUU!" i was like "who the fuck is that? Serena Williams was staying at my hotel. the woman is a giant. almost walked into her my second day there.

i am too tired. if you want more stories, ask later.

btw, if you name is nora or lesley, remind me to tell you about the jacob/adam/bellybutton dream when you see me. scariest thing ever. didnt talk for like... 2 hours... no joke.

oh. and the schools were nice. I hated NYU. i hated BU. Loved Fordham. Loved Emerson. Who knows, maybe ill love Syracuse and Ithica... we shall see.

it sucks to be me
it sucks to be me
it suckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasucka to be meeeeeee, cruel cruel world...

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