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Thursday, March 04, 2004

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so as i sit in my silent reverie, listing husbands 1-6 (oh god. im like zsa-zsa!), im begining to wonder... does Diego Luna deserve me?

haha. yes, in fact, he does. SO VERY MUCH

anywho, i am procrastinating from doing my homework... again... im getting really good at that.

I had some really interesting conversations last night:

Ben (a la Ben et Peter) and I discussed twelveth night and how there's a lot of lesbians in it. If i get a lesbian part, i will take pictures, send them to ben, and then get married in portland. Yeah, you heard me, buck you fush.

Alex (a la Johnson... weird...) and I had a fun conversation. I actually talked to him for the first time in like... ever... cause I was one of the only people he knew at the audition. Thats tight, its good to talk to him again.

Travis(a la Washington) and I discussed our future life together (he is the LAST husband!) something about cows... horses... tigers... nudism... and our cabin. who knows, its me and travis. we're weird like that.
oh. and he's going to sing a solo for us all.

Joel (a la Egli) apparently wants a woman.

Peter (a la Emory and Ben) announced his moms got married yesterday. yay for them. yay for the hippie state of oregon. bush can suck my wang... bang bang bang!

I think that was all the conversations i had yesterday night. Lesley left me some messages, and i lub her. but that was about it...

or something... cruel cruel world. audtion again today... FRICK

too bad he's married. double frick. i am so jealous vanessa paradis.

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