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Monday, March 15, 2004

I am on fire.

or at least my CD burner is.

So anyway, after a weekend of friends getting MIPs (PIPs and PIMs...), singing (my heart out), crying, sleeping, eating, computing, finding out one of my lifelong friends does coke (haha, love you pb!), and being bermit-like, i would like to state for the world to see that yes, indeed, i did not blog alll weekend.

somebody KILL me.

you know whats siller than not blogging all weekend? its playing that damn roller coaster game, and downloading french music instead of doing my health/psych homework.


anyway, i might as well start another freewrite. this one is something i feel very passionate about: European Music.

hold that thought, i just realized that if you push the "esc" button in the middle of you super blog, it erases everything.

thank jesus for the undo function.

anywho, back to the european music:

After spending a good... ehhhh... month or so in europe, i became pretty fluent... IN MUSIC! who knew there was shitty pop music outside the backstreet boys, and who knew there was even GREATER bubble gum pop than Britney Spears. Im pretty sure that europe has a genre called "sex pop". Britney is in it, Christina is in it... once she started dancing in leather chaps and a bra. (dont think about it too hard boys.) but they have this WONDERFUL group in europe called the Sugababes. Keisha, Heidi and Mutya are were pretty much put out there to sell sex... i mean... music.

thank god i found a kosher picture... so these girls are trying to make a name for themselves in europe right? so they release this song, and for anyone who's anyone knows this song. as if they could make it any raunchier, "Freak Like Me" became a more primal song than it was before. (Seriously, download both versions! you'll see!) So I watched a lot of european MTV while i was there, and seriously, this video is of these three girls running around some rave/club being vampires. no joke. guys were scared to death of them. i would, personally, call them the new age spice girls: "yay! girl power! lets bite some necks!"
but i love them.
anywho, Sophie Ellis Baxter is another one who needs to cross over to the US. As last i heard, she was dating Keanu (yes, as in Reeves. As in bill and ted. as in neo, what have you...god, even that doctor from the naket diane keaton movie...) i dont know, somebody check on his relationship situation, plz. do us all a favor. Julia and I know its about Sophie. Theres a murder on the dance floor ya'll.
So as i went through all this new european music (guys, seriously!) and came up with some other bands that were not forgotten from my mind. Like "In Grid". Their song "Tu es Fortu" - best french song ever - besides the one with the little boy that disapears in the storm. thats a sad one.
so if anybody decides they need a little europop in their life (not the eiffel65 kind..) give me a holla, and ill set you up with my latest europop list... or something of that sort.

somebody find a pic of the sugababes a la "freak like me" video era. you'd all be surprized... but i love them. they are awesome. hurray for sexually confident europeans... no speedos plz, cruel cruel world.


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