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Saturday, March 06, 2004

So yeah, went to salem today. Took my mind off of casting for about 5 hours.

thank jesus for slingbacks.... and thank you franco sarto.

anywho, last night, Les and I went to Starsky and Hutch - which was really cute. After the movie, we called Joel to see where a party was. He informed us that they were currently at rite aid, drinking. So he told us he wanted us to hang out, he would call us when they found a place to chill.

Yeah. he forgot to call us back. so we did. twice.

so we all end up going to Al's house (hali's boyfriend). I talk to my mom who says that I should come home if there aren't any parents there. I cant lie to her, cause shes a friggin lie detector, so i tell her i dont know if there are.
Meanwhile, Les and I go booming down walnut in the middle of the night, totally lost: Queens to Princess, Princess to Lisa, Lisa to Princess, Princess to Walnut, Walnut to Princess, Princess to Queens, and then que Lesley:


Jacob, Nick, and a CVer named Peter are dashing across the street and into the night with pipe in hand. I stop the car, we all indulge in brief converstation, which involved the boys being very surprized and very happy that we were there. This involved Jacob putting the pipe to my forehead, making it wet... with something... who knows... probably spit. ew.

They show us where the house is, and we go in. I know im breaking the rules, and I tell Les we will be leaving promptly. My mom is the best lie detector EVER. she's friggin nuts.

So we're in the house, hugs and kisses for everyone. Hali says "hi", we meet Al, a drunken Joel finds us ("Im not drunk yet!") and throws his arms around me and Lesley. Here is the conversation that was a result:

Me: "Joel, youre trying to look like a pimp, arent you?"
Joel: "No! I'm not even drunk!"
Me: "Joel, i dont know what youre doing. I dont understand why you are running up and hugging me and such when you have told me directly that you dont like me. stop being so weird."
Joel: "Natalie, what do you mean? I never said that! I do like you!"
Me: "I have to go now..."
Joel: *becomes distracted by weed out on porch*

so Les and I are leaving, and the three pipers show up. (everyone tried to talk us into giving Peter a ride home. eh, no thank you. id rather not give drunken/high CVers i just met rides home in the lie detector's car.) Jacob and Nick are talking to us. Jacob offeres me a hit... think... think... think... Lesley gives me a look ("is this when im suppost to stop you from doing stuff?"), Jacob holds the pipe in my direction... tempting.... TEMPTINGGGGGGGGG! Nick, saves the day: "If you have to think about it that much you dont have to do it. seriously, if you dont want to at all, dont."

such a smart boy.

In all honesty, I really did want to. Ive been dreaming about it ever since i got back from Emory. But i felt bad for taking a hit and then driving with Lesley. I didnt want to jepoardize our safety with my lusting for some weed. So i didnt. lesley decided it was probably better if i smoke more before i try smoking and driving. im a friggin lightweight, but thank you lesley, for giving me a ride to smoke more. :-P

So we're driving home with the windows down cause im paranoid like movie a movie star with a notorious stalker, and i can taste the weed in my mouth. its a friggin dream. im so pissed i didnt take a hit.

i get home, tell my mom that his older brother was there. shes like "oh, well, i mean, it wasnt that big of a deal i guess. you could have stayed if you felt comfortable. if you felt comfortable in the situation, i guess it was okay."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. and Frick. damn. i hate myself.

So next time i get REALLY paranoid about the lie detector, remind me that things are okay. im such a dork.

gonna go shine my slingbacks cruel cruel world...

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