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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Im preparing a will in case i die on the way to boston.

its something i always do.

ill post it tomorrow.

ANYWHO, moving on to bigger and better things - LIKE THAT BITCH on sasha's journal who is like "bitch bitch bitch you suck!"

pretty much i put her in her place and was like "shut the fuck up. I gotta stand up for my homegirl."

tell me when to stop sash, but im havin a HELLA GREAT time making fun of some out of state dumbass. WOOOOOOO!

The play: uh... soooo... Sabby is going to Prom with Carly? Like, Hanna's Carly? Sick. Please, somebody kill me.

Sabby: 2 months
Seal: Family man.
lemme know when its time to trade.

i seriously almost pissed my pants yesterday when sophie and adam were doing the hopscotch in the CV quad - they were jumpin all over the place. almost died, cause i had a vision of sophie falling down and snapping her ankle like a twig. god. almost peed a little again.

nobody in the play seems to understand that i dont want to be the understudy. understudying sucks, man, you have to pay hella close attention, and when somebody gets fucked up (which is never a good thing) you have to step in like a professional second fiddle and try to live up to the original. For example, you will always be compared to the previous actor - "remember when billy-joe-bob had that expression on his face during that line? try that."
fuck. i would hate to have to mimick someone like that. i hate playing second fiddle. second place is first loser, so id rather call myself stage manager, and be odd man out for the production.

someone be my best friend in this production. i dont want to be the sad stage manager that sits on the side while all the actors think they're all high and mighty and leave me behind in the dust cause i dont have a "substancial" part.
fuck that yo.

in all honesty, i hope nobody gets hurt during the production. Thats the truth. i dont want people to fall down and hurt themselves or anything. i would never actually wish that on anybody, cause i would be scared as FUCK to have to get up there and do shakespear myself. I suck at shakespear. i cant even spell it right. frick.

got my eyebrows waxed today. my waxer yelled at me because i hadnt been "taking very good care of my eyebrows" or "following her lines"
fuck that bitch. you just want to take my money for slathering hot tree sap on my forehead and ripping off the first layer of skin and all the hair with it.
id only done it once before.
this reminded me why.
but im scheduled for another appointment.
cause i love it.
im addicted to pain.
and looking slightly better than before.
fine, ill give her my damn money - cause last time i tried to do it myself, i fucked up BIG TIME (ask lesley)

yes nora, i know, wax. we need to schedule an appointment. lemme know when youre free... we should do it before i leave for USC... like... in June... where we can sit in my house for a couple of days... alone... not moving... and such.

topher -was that you that commented? mother of god - what are you reading my journal for?!

sorry, that was a frightening moment.

so cruel cruel world, im off to rub vitamin E on my forehead.

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