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Friday, March 19, 2004

This is the will of Natalie Lewis, as of 3.20.04 until 3.28.04. It reads:

I hearby give the following possesions to the following people upon my passing on my trip to Boston and New York. The following does not apply if i am raped, mugged, or killed in a drive by shooting. otherwise, here's the deal, suckas:

To My Surviving Family: Uh... take what you want i guess... you can have my room back. and some of my treasures, like bear, bunny - my special things.

To My Adopted Sister, Lesley Peterson: I leave my darling bunny the following items:
- my cds
- my mythology notes
- my sharpies
- my jewelry (what i didnt take with me)
- my makeup (see above)
- my bunny ears (theyre in the basement)
- my copy of moulin rouge

To Arlen Proctor: I leave the following items:
- my fight club DVD (so hokay, its my dads, but if im dead, im sure he'll part with it.)
- my shampoo (cause it'll smell like me)
- my basketball
- my copy of james taylor's greatest hits
- my secret cookie recipie (id tell you now, but its a secret!)
- $800 (so he can make most, if not all, of his first car insurance payment)
- the comfort of knowing that i heart him

To Jacob Anderson: I leave my guitar, knowing that it will go to good use.

To Joel Egli: all of my sheet music and my piano, in hopes that he will put them to good use, and develop his abilty as a singer, rather then smoking his brain away. he's got talent, hes just to bored to use it.

To Eric Badeau: I leave any drug stuff i own. which is none, but deau, if i had any, id give it to you. I also leave you any atmosphere stuff you can find.

To Parker Green: I leave him my beanery coupons and starbucks card, so maybe, one day, we can have coffee.

To Travis Vaughn: my darling Travis, I leave you my harem, my cows that graze in the pasture, my secret blog (the url will be sent to you upon my death), my eric clapton cd, and the happiness of knowing that i would have married him and moved to washington to live in a cabin as a nudist. enjoy.

To Peter Lane: I leave Peter my underwear - what i havent brought along. its a long story, but dont jump to conclusions. or jump to conclusions. its kind of an inside joke. it wont be so funny if i die tho.

To Joel Parse: I leave you $100 to buy a new tramp. considering ive jumped a good $50 worth. I also leave you all my mp3s, and the hope that you will travel far and wide and record your memoirs. that would be awesome. write a book. start now.

To Nora Chovanec: My palm pilot, cause that girl needs a little stress relief. actually, throw in $100 so she can go to the damn spa and get that damn brazillian done. i would have gone with you, but id be dead if this will takes effect. I also leave you all my love, and elbow high fives. cause you know thats what makes sabby make fun of us... at least he notices...

To Sasha Burks: (it took me a few good minutes to remember you last name due to the known fact that last names dont really exist at camp...) i leave you:
- Rory
- Brandon
- Keyan (if you dont mind sloppy seconds)
- The chateau
- the island
- Richard, while im at it.
- all my canoe stuff
- my modest mouse cd
- any nirvana shit i may own
- and the original copies of my journals, so that you may know that i was indeed, as crazy as you thought.
(ps i would have left you the prozac glasses, but OH! WAIT! YOU ALREADY RECIEVED THEM... sort ot...)

To Lolo: I leave you my blow up pool, and cheese-its, so we can remember the good times, and giggle about them in the afterlife.

To Katie Shaw - I leave my pink leopard print lunchbox (HA!) and my carebears and strawberry shortcake underwear. I also leave you my scarfs, in hope you will appreciate them as much as i did.

To Adam Cole: I leave you my Dave Barry books, my "from here to nowhere" book (hilarious!) and any other book you wish to take. I also leave you my editing job, and wish you the best of luck.
yes, i would have married you too. :P

have i mentioned that i hate flying?

and howard zinn?


so yeah, if i die on this trip, enjoy your shit guys. i generally assume you will make good choices with your life, better than mine.

i hate flying. sooo much...

btw, before my things are given away, i would like for my journal to be published and distributed to everyone i hung out with in middle school, through now. I hope that the thoughts i recorded will help them improve their lives by getting a better understanding of mine, while, maybe learning more about themselves. sorry. just trying to help.

so here i go again on my own cruel cruel world. if everything goes to plan, i should be back saturday night. if not, fuck that yo, come to my house and take my shit.

be sure to publish the journal tho, be sure to give copies to my teachers too... theyre important documents they deserve to see
and cremate me. please. spread my ashes at the coast. have lesley drive me there, by herself. everybody can meet us there, but have lesley drive me by herself. we havent had a chance to do this yet.
im writing like im already dead.
im actually... DEAD TIRED.

peace out yo. save the earth. make it a better place for everyone.

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