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Monday, March 29, 2004

This is THE ULTIMATE SURVEY! If you want to know pretty much EVERYTHING
about ANYONE (including yourself) the survey to fill out! It may take awhile (ok,
forever) but its super fun! So when you have time (hopefully soon) FILL THIS OUT,
HAVE A BLAST, and SEND IT to ALL of your friends! (Including me!)

*********YOU, YOU, YOU**********

What is your full name? Natalie Loraine Lewis

1. Nicknames? Nat, Nato, Nattie, Maui, Natali, Nunu, Layla, psychobitch, secret agent x-9.5
2. B~day? August 29th
3. Age? 16
4. Gender: femme
5. Where do you live? Corvallis, Oregon
6. What school do you attend? CHS
7. Siblings and their ages? Katie, 18. Rob, 12
8. Pets? Extra the Cat, and about 23948745689 fish... anyone want one? Sorry you cant have Nelly tho...
9. Zodiac sign? VIRGO REPRESENT!
10. Righty or lefty? Right... handed... righty?

**********YOUR LOOKS**********

11. Hair color: Redish brownish
12. eye color: hazel - green on some days, brown on others
13. Height: 5'7"... give or take
14. Do u wear contacts or glasses? haha, glasses, but i dont wear them cause they give people the impression that im smarter than i am...
15. Do you have any piercings? my ears. I want to get a cartilage done tho... that sounds gross...
16. Do you have any tattoos if so, what and where? nope. never getting one either.
17. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? I would say in the summer/spring, im pretty american eagle or gap... in the winter, im whatever im most comfortable in that keeps me warm, like my jcrew sweater
18. How are you today? WAAAAAAY shitty. shitter than i was at school. dont ask.
19. What shirt are u wearing right now? nothing. im blogging in the nude... NOT
21. What song are u listenin to right now? tournent les violins - Jean-Jaques Goldman. NERD ALERT!!!
22. Whats the last thing you ate? a piece of gum. it was yummy, but i had to spit it out so i could sing.
23. Last person u talked to on the phone? my aunt cynthia. shes having a baby in a few months
24. Last dream you can remember? haha... oh god. lets say it involved jacob, adam, a bellybutton, and the weirdest cult ive ever dreamed up.
25. Who are you talking to now? nobody. im in recluse mode.
26. What time is it? 9.40 pm

**********MORE ABOUT YOU!**********

27. If you were a crayon what color would you be? either maroon or redish-brown. you can always tell that people dont like that weird brown red color, cause its the sharpest one in the damn box...
28. Have you ever almost died? you have no idea.
29. Do u like the person who sent you this? J-New? haha, we go way back. big ups to j-new. i'd say we're buds... now...
30. How do u eat an Oreo? to be honest, not a big fan or oreos... dangerous motherfuckers...
31. What makes you happy? good health, freedom, a full schedule, sex, and knowing exactly whats going on around me
32. What is the next cd you are planning to buy? sondre lerche's new cd... i just bought the smashing pumpkins double disk, so my cd quotia is up for the week, however! i just got my taxes back from the state, so im $200 richer. WOOT.
33. Whats the best advice ever given to you? stop and smell the flowers cause you never know when you wont be able to smell them anymore. yep, old people lose their sense of smell...
34. Have you ever won any special award? yeah, the year i was on the special olympics team...
35. What are your future goals? go to a good film school, make lotsa money, buy louis vuitton, buy coach, buy franco sarto, buy jcrew, buy dkny and that beautiful scarf i saw at bloomies. god damn, shopaholic. it sounds like i need to become a trophy wife instead and go spend all my husband's money instead...
36. Do you like to dance? haha, you have NO idea.
37. Worst sickness u have ever had? ebola. sad, i really shouldnt joke about that...
38. What's the stupidest thing u have ever done? a couple of things. one involved my mother, the other involved lesley's house. yeowch. oh, and two more: well... people to be specific. yep. sorry. two of you really weren't worth it... OUCH. bitchy bitchy bitchy...
39. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? not a good question to ask while im in depressing recluse mode. maybe later...
41. How many kids do u want to have? no kids. they are spawns of satan... therefore making me satan... MUAHHAHAHAAHHA (sash, look it up in your lover's satanic bible... seriously..)
42. Son's names? Ikibod, or Lucifer
43. Daughter's names? Strawberry Rainbow Cloud Glitter. God, thats almost as cool a name is moon unit zappa.
44. Do u do drugs? drugs meaning... advil or oxy? get back to me on that...
45. Do u drink? rarely. usually socially.
46. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do u use? neutragena and herbal essences
47. What are you most scared of? falling and having my parents be disapointed in me... sad, that happens a lot...
49. Do you have a television in your room? nope
50. Do you have a phone in your room? yep.
51. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? nope. if at all, its for a pillow...
52. Have you ever broken, fractured a bone? haha, both wrists, both ankles. not all at the same time... wouldnt that SUCK?!
53. Who do you tell your dreams to? my journal, and occasionally lesley and nora when we need good laughs.
54. Who is the loudest friend you have? nobody is louder than i am... maybe hali
55. Who is the quietest friend you have? joanna
56. Is Cheerleading a sport? ohmygod... TOTALLY! ne1 who doesnt think cheerleading is a sport should get... i donno... zits or something, cuz if u dont, ur gonna die from herpes or something. cheer is so a sporttttttt!

******YOU AND LOVE**********

57. Do u believe in love? i believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythym of my heart.
58. Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend? currently, yes
59. Do you have crush on any one? interesting question. please rephrase.
60. Who is your crush? murrr...
61. Will you send this to your crush? im expecting the next few questions to be like "are u gonna tlak to your crush tomorrow?" "are you going to kiss your crush?" "who is your crush?" "is your crush cute?" etc...
62. Do u believe in love at first sight? no, but i believe in soulmates. does that make me a hypocrite?
63. Where do u want to go on your honeymoon? the land of the lost.
64. What song do you want played at your wedding? layla, sweet child of mine, annie's song, you and i both... oh god, who am i kidding, im never getting married...
65. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? hmmm... not to be vain or anything, but what theyre wearing... it can tell you a lot about a person...
66. What's worse having your tonsils or appendix removed? tonsils by far.

*****~*Guys*~(girls only)******

68. boxers or briefs: im a big supporter of the man-thong. call me a feminist, but i think all men should survive the day in one so they know what we go through to make our "panty lines DISAPPEAR!"
70. tall or short: TALLLLL!
71: strong arms or 6 packs: teehee... 6 packs... they lead to chisles...
72. Good or bad guys? heheh... baddddddddd... but occasionally, a good one comes around... oh god... just thought of one... well, you can always corrupt a good boy...
73. Hat or no hat: no hat
74. Ears pierced or not: not
75. Tan or no tan: haha, we're not talking like... natalie white, but not orange tan.
76. Dimples or not: haha, i thought i was an anti-dimple girl, but i was sooo wrong.
78. Rugged or sporty: eh. sporty. who am i kidding...
79. Studly or cutie?: studly. can we say: "Colin, the english teacher aid"?
80. Accent or not? ooooh... accents are hottttttttt...
81. Glasses? eh. doesnt matter. as long as their not beer goggles... saaaaaaad.
82. Smart or dumb? smart.
83. What sport should he play? soccer. real men play soccer. not rugby. rugby = pent up sexual frustration from childhood. no joke, ask freud.

*ON GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT (for guys only)*

84. Sandals or thongs?
85. Painted nails or not?
86. Giddy or Stern?
87. Controlling or not?
88. Cute 'n' mysterious or wild 'n' hott?
89. Dark or blonde hair:
90. Long/medium/short hair?
91. Curly or straight hair:
92. Dark, light, or crazy kool eyes:
93. Long or short nails:
94. Good or bad girl:?
95. Hair up or down:
96. Big hoop earrings or small studs?
97. Tall or short?:
98. Accent or no accent?
99. Pants or dress:
100. Naturally tan or naturally fair:
101. Glasses:
102. Pretty indoor chick or crazy party chick?
103. Freckles or none?
104. Shy or outgoing?
105. Funny or always cool:
106. Talkative or shy:

**********PICK ONE: THIS OR THAT**********

107. Lights on/off: off.
108. Sun or rain? rain. yay for the albinos...
109. Mickey D's (McDonalds) or BK (burger king): neither. but when im in a super bad mood, mickeys.
110. Do you like scary movies or humorous movies better? thats like "would you rather piss your pants out of fear, or because youre laughing so hard," and by far, i would rather do it laughing...
111. On the phone or in person: dont knock phone sex until you try it. SOOOOO KIDDING! uh... right now is reclusive mode, so neither.
112. Paper or plastic: depends on what we're talking about... paper at the grocery... plastic for other...
113. sausage, pepperoni, or cheese? cheese, but i dont like pizza... thats what that was about right?
114. summer or winter: summer. going to USC baby!
115. Hugs or kisses: in reality, i think im a hug person (espically from ben bateman!) but otherwise, im a kisser...
116. chocolate or white milk: no milk. milk is the juice of satan... therefore, cows are satanic. look it up sash. the hindus are gonna kill me now...
117. root beer or dr. pepper? "he's a pepper, she's a pepper, we're a pepper tooooo!"
118. On tape or DVD: neither, although, my tape player is easier to use...
119. Cats or dogs: cats... murrr... i wish i was a dog person...
120. vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
121. skiing or boarding:? skiing
122. day or night? night
123. cake or pie? pie
124. diamond or pearls? DIAMONDSSSSSSSS! (in the kitty voice...)
125. sunset or sunrise: sunrise.

**********YOUR FAVES*******

126. color: black. my soul is bleeding - teen angst! big jk, im a fan of neutrals, and green.
127. food: bok choi. woot woot!
128. Fast food: mur... im a sucker for fast chinese food...
129. candy: pockys... does that count?
130. Beverage: WA- waterholics anonymous.
131. Ice cream flavor: peppermint. another reason to love winter...
132. sport: knock knock... whos there? FOOOOOTBALLLLL!
133. animals: cows, pigs, and monkeys
134. number: 7
135. radio station: uh... i dont know the stations, just the presets. HAHAHHAHAH.
136. Fav band: right now, its pumpkins... but im addicted to my Avenue Q soundtrack... (see below post...)
137. Fav actor or actress: im a big Hayden Christensen fan... oh god... and DIEGOOOOO!
138. Favorite day of the week: tuesday
139. Favorite month: june
140. TV show: alias
141. Store: AE
142. Scent: pink - gap
143. Teacher: russell or carman

~~~~~~~~~~HAVE YOU EVER~~~~~~~~~~

144. Loved someone so much it makes u cry? to some extent...
145. Dreamt the same dream more than once? all the time
146. Broke the law? haha... not today or anything...
147. Ran from the cops? to some extent. i went around the block so i could park.
148. Tried to kill yourself? plead the 5th
149. Been in love? i would say so, but it depends on your definition of love. mine is when you cant stop thinking about someone - you wake up, theyre the first person on your mind, and theyre the last person you think of before you go to sleep. but its really specific thougths...
150. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: i dont think so...
151. Do you like filling these out: no. im really tired now (still on east coast time) and i want this to be DONE
152. How many people are you sending this to? its being blogged. the whole world can see it for all i care.
153. Do you want your friends to write back? mur. leave a comment, fuckers.
154. Who is least likely to respond? everyone who reads leaves some of their thoughts... usually...

sucka sucka sucka to be me.
fuck. what a day mrs. thistletwat.
goodnight cruel cruel world...

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