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Sunday, April 04, 2004

The latest awkward conversation between me and my mom:

Mom: "So... you still going to prom?"
Me: "yeah."
Mom: "But..."
Me: "mom. this isnt the 60s. You can go to prom without a date."
Mom: "But..."
Me: "Really. Its okay."
Mom: "But what if nobody asks you?"
Me: "Well then I'm going by myself, or with lesley. But im sure she's got 6 dates lined up. She's even got a gorilla after her."
Mom: "Oh. So you are going?"
Me: "of course. Nothing is going to ruin this prom. the dress is way to good."
Mom: "oh good."

fuck. time to go find a prom date cruel, cruel world...
Nora. Lesley. lets go: You. You. me. Seal. Tobes. Sabby. Sounds like a date... MUAHAHHAHAHHAAH! DOUBLE PROMS FOR THE CV KIDS!

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