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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Mood: bitter
Music: Blame it on the Tetons - Modest Mouse

Blame it on the Tetons. Yeah, I need a scapegoat now.
No my dog won't bite you, though it had the right to.
You oughta give her credit cuz she knows I would've let it happen.

Blame it on the weekends. God I need a cola now.
Oh we mumble loudly, wear our shame so proudly.
Wore our blank expressions, trying to look interesting.
Blame it all on me cuz God I need a cold one now.

All them eager actors gladly taking credit
for the lines created by the people tucked away from sight
is just a window from the room we're bound to.
If you find a way out, oh would you just let me know how?
Would you just let me know how?

Blame it on the web but the spider's your problem now.
Language is for liquid that we're all dissolved in.
Great for solving problems, after it creates a problem.
Blame it on the Tetons. God, I need a scapegoat now.

Everyone's a building burning
with no one to put the fire out.
Standing at the window looking out,
waiting for time to burn us down.
Everyone's an ocean drowning
with no one really to show how.
They might get a little better air
if they turned themselves into a cloud.

Hung out with Nora for most of the day. every time i hang out with her, it just reminds me of how much i love her. She is wonderful in every way a person could be. Thank you nora. you are too cool to be human.
Did i mention i LOVE guns and roses?
Birds poop. but what is it really made out of?
By the way, who is going to Jason Mraz, The Gorge, and Bumbershoot?
Oh us.
and that comes to a grand total of about $350.
we bes be saving.

here's the money ive prearranged to spend this summer:
$ 350 - concerts
$ 150 - trip to seattle
$4800 - USC program (plus airfare)
$ 200 - Ashland tickets
+ $ 300 - birthday party
= $5800 total.

thats a litte more than i actually should spend.
so subtract the parental donations.
that leaves us about a $2000 total.
thats a little less than what i have in the bank.

"what have i become my sweetest friend
everyone i know, goes awayin the end
and you could have it all, my empire of dirt
i will let you down, i will make you hurt
if i could start again a million miles away
i would keep myself, i would find a way."

hey guess what. i am going to prom. and it is going to be awesome.
i am so psyched. i could pee my pants.
but instead, i think ill go burn one down.

it all just works out in the end, doesnt it cruel cruel world?
grab your poloroids beeches.

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