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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Mood: growly - as in growling
Music: J-Kwon - Tipsy

Kucinich was actually really interesting.
More interesting that i thought he would be.
and for the record, Jacob Minne asked a fairly reasonable question.
And the person who should have been restrained was David Lev, who appears to have contracted Tuberculosis on his trip to France.
Super. Stay the fuck away from me.
(is he saying "Irv Gotti"?
Just a thought.
Anywho, i got a kick out of how reasonable his answers were, although when i got home and told my mom about it, she clearly pointed out every fault that he had.
Too bad i cannot remember either one of the speeches. My mothers, or Kucinich's.
Actually, i can remember part of Kuciniches. And part of my mother's.
Oh well.
I did however think it was hilarious how BUNNY would sit there and play with her tissues and talk to Eva during the entire thing and then clap and cheer when everyone did.
Then rejoycing in HOS about how he would be such an awesome president.
Note to future self: Bunny apparently pays attention when it doesnt look like it?
Note to future self: stop making notes to future self.
So it turns out the play might get moved to CHS because CV had some sort of scheduling problem.
Oh well. not my problem. I'll just show up at the right time when im told.
As for Ronda, I cornered her in the hall today and was like "soooo! no rehersal yesterday?"
"oh. did you not get the note?"
"nope. i had no idea."
i proceded to give her my cell phone number so she can keep me posted on silly things like that.
Silly CV and their silly power outages.
why cant we have them.
"You thought Demi Moore's career was over? Oh no, she's got half Moore!"
too good to be true.
poor katie shaw almost died. she couldnt read it aloud to everyone.
and too bad no one got it when i read it aloud.
my throat is sore, and its almost time to take another dayquil.

Hiaku of DayQuil:
you are a good friend.
been with me from start to end
of this God damned cold.

is that how you spell "Haiku"?
who cares.
anywho, back to business, i have things to go and people to do, cruel,cruel, world, and i have no more time to spend on you.
suddenly, ive tapped this newfound writing release.

(post note:I would tell Ms.Russell what was wrong with me if i had any idea. the overall thing is i dont know whats wrong with me. maybe its just the weater. maybe i get SADD. that would be sad, wouldnt it? tournent les violons...)

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