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Monday, April 12, 2004

Mood: sickly, yet ready to party.
Music: Republica - Ready To Go

im procrastinating... again.
But thanks to Arlen for supplying me with ANOTHER super survey!

1. Middle Name: Loraine. In some cultures, asking for a person's middle name is punishable by death.
2. Nicknames: Nat, Nato, Nattykins, Maui, Natty
3. Age: 16
4. Birthday: August 29, 1987
5. Height: 5'7.5"
6. Eye Color: hazel
7. Hair color: redish-brown
8. What you remember most about this year: the time i spend with arlen, or the time i spend creating chaos with Bunny.
9. Favorite TV shows: anything under the "reality tv" genre. I know sad. Quiz me on any show - i dare you...
10. Do you consider yourself hot or cute?: oh way hot. mackenzie wants my sexy bod.
11. Do you believe in yourself: no not really.
12. Scariest person: your mom
13. Worst feeling in the world: failure... and feeling sick and sweaty... also having your ears plugged up due to sinuses...
14. Best feeling in the world: feeling loved, feeling pursued, running and not being tired
15. Favorite thing to do on the weekend: the two S's: sex and sleep. i dont get enough of either anymore. :P
16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: hopefully, in NYC being sucessful at whatever i choose.
17. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?: i need to take a shower. bad. why the FUCK isn't our psych project done...
18. Future son names: box car racer jet engine
19. Future daughter: rainbow glitter moonshine strawberry banana aicha
20. Favorite flower: snapdragon
21. Do you like to drive: absolutely. its so liberating...
22. What is your favorite TV station: NBC, VH1, E!, and MTV... what the heck... Disney...
23. What is your favorite brand of clothes?: i would say GAP or AE... depends on my mood...
24. Last movie you saw in theaters: oh god... uh... long time ago...was it starsky and hutch? it was awhile ago...
25. What color sheets do you have on your bed: theyre white with multicolored fishes. so cute. got them for xmas/channukah
26. Do you drink: liquid... yes?
28. What is your favorite thing in your room?: my guitar
29. Do you make fun of people?: youre ugly, and thats sad.
30. Favorite color: right now, black. the color of my bleeding soul... TEEN ANGST!
31. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? yes. failure to obey a traffic control device... well, i wasnt convicted... just "warned" (thank you officer hurley!)
32. Favorite Disney Character: oh, we all know its about dory.
33. How many pillows? none. seriously.
35. Favorite Type of Music: bluegrass ska.
36. Hobbies: street racing, tatooing myself, piercings, and giving head to the bums on the riverfront...
37. Dream Car: Audi TT
38. Type of Car u drive now: haha, my pimpmobile of a volvo...
39. Phrase or words you use: murrrrrrrrrr, i hate you so bad, woot, mehhhh!
40. Toothpaste: yes please.
41. Favorite Food: pudding. it just changed.
42. Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: nope. going off that swing for awhile...
43. Piercings or tattoos?: oh god, you should see the "Les Thugs 4 LIFE!" i got tatted across my shoulderblades... so hot.
44. How do you characterize yourself: ... like a character...
45. Do you get along with your parents?: occasionally.
46. Do u go to private school?: did. past tense. for 4 years.
47. Favorite Ice Cream: peppermint.
48. Favorite Drink: water
49. What's your bedtime: when im tired.
50. Favorite Song at the moment: one i honestly dont know the name to...
51. Favorite Subject in high school: i loved guitar...
52. Are your parents divorced?: nope. although they should be...
53. Least Favorite Subject: kiersky and shaffer
54. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: vodka. knockin em back.
55. Favorite Sport to watch: FOOTBALLLLLL!
56. Most humiliating moment: ohmygod. when angie cirello told clark keisling that i had a crush on him in fourth grade. i almost died. it was a big deal in 4th grade.
57. What do you look for in the opposite sex: a brain.
58. Who do you hate?: YOU! I HATE YOU SO BAD!
59. Are you going out with someone?: didnt we answer this? yes, i go out with Lesley all the time, and MacDiddy and I are going to the coast this weekend.
60. If not, who are you crushin' over?: teehee... not necessarily who... but WHAT
61. How many people are on your buddy list?: 96... sucky...
62. What grades do you get in school?: now, Bs. apparently, without electives, i have like a 3.2
63. What radio station do u listen to?: 96.1, 104.7, 95.5...
64. Who is your favorite celebrity?: Deigo Luna... and Jason Mraz... and Dave... gotta love dave...
65. What is your favorite kind of pizza?: i dont like pizza... but cheese...
66. Who is your online crush?: humpmeimsexy6969... i met him in an msn chatroom...
67. What kinds of clothes do you wear?: ones that cover my pink freckly skin...
68. Do you collect anything?: boogers.
69. What is your favorite movie?: Y tu Mama Tambien. So much sex. so good... big jk. i have no idea...
70. What is your favorite basketball team?: SYRACUSE ORANGEMEN!
71. What is your favorite baseball team?: uh.. beavers? whats baseball?
72. What is your favorite football team?: COLTS! YEAH BABY! GOOOO PAYTON!
73. What do u want to be when you grow up?: a DINOSAUR!
74. What college do u want to go to?: Fordham at Lincoln Center
75. What are your favorite stores: AE, GAP, Nordies, Bloomies, and some boutiques i found in soho... also, pookie and sebastian.
76. What is your favorite mall?: pioneer
77. What is your favorite thing to do?: sleep
78. What do u like to do on weekends?: fuck like a rabbit... or bunny
79. Who are your best boys/girls?: Arl, Mark, Ror, Tony, Joel, Ben, Ry.../Les, Nora, Sash, KTP
80. What is your favorite restaurant?: Iovinos
81. What shoe size?: 8 or 8.5
82. What are you wearing right now: denmark. sweats. my favorites.
83. What is your favorite type of food: right now, cough syurp... didnt we discuss this?
84. Do u wear glasses?: yes, but no. I own them, but refuse to wear them because they make me look dumber than usual...
85. Are you happy?: right now? no.
86. Do you have any friends?: no. i have no friends. my soul is bleeding because i ate my friends for breakfast...
87. What do people think of you?: that im ugly.
88. Do you have a TV in your room?: no. mang to bitches who do...
89. What color are your walls?: greenish...
90. What size bed do you have?: queen, cause im a flaming one...
91. What school do u go to?: Corvallis High, aka: the prison...
92. What grade are you in?: 3rd
93. Do you have your own phone line?: cell phone. holla.
94. Do you believe in love at first site?: no. and its "sight" dumbass. I believe in soulmates, whic you can have more than one of, and ive been lucky enough to find, but no love at first sight.
95. Are you afraid of the dark?: yes. very.
96. What is your favorite holiday?: my birthday. durrr.
97. Who do u talk to on the phone with the most?: right now? my sister... lately... i donno. im kinda in recluse mode. actually, i talk to my mom the most, i call her every day to give me a ride home...
98. What is your favorite day of the week?: monday. long story.
99. What is your favorite time of day?: noonish.
100. How does it feel to reach 100 questions?: shitty. i hate you survey.
101. What is your favorite amusement park?: i hate amusement parks, but if i had to choose, disneyland...
102. Do you enjoy taking these surveys?: not anymore...
103. Whose your favorite teacher?: Gates, Staats, Carman, and Russell
104. What is your favorite shirt?: DENMARK
105. What are your favorite pants: fordham sweats
106. Do you have a brother or sister: oh man, i thought it was gonna ask if i had a favorite brother or sister... shit... uh. i have a sister and a brother... reminds me of the line in "its pat" where the dude is like "are you a brotha or a sista?" its funny. go watch.
107. What is your favorite city?: NYC BABY! or Seattle. thats where i was SUPPOSED to be born...
108. What is your favorite place to go on Vacation?: Hawaii. Nobody can reach me there...
109. What is your favorite talk show?: Dr. Phil. He explains why im so angsty.
110. Do you belong to any clubs?: Yeah, NWA - nerd watchers anonymous...
111. What is your wish that still never came true?: that i would be hit by a truck. hasnt come true. lets work on that, truckers...
112. What is your favorite supermarket?: freddies. cause i dont have to pay :P sort of...
113. Who is the ugliest person you have ever seen?: YOUR MOM! (youre ugly and thats sad!)
114. What do u enjoy doing the most?: 2S's
115. Who is your best friend? Bunny. oh you know.
117. Are you annoyed at someone right now?: yes. you dammmmmmmit.
118. What is your favorite candy?: robin eggs... not whoppers... they're totally different!
119. Who thinks that they are friends with you, but they're not?: hahahah... i would say, but i know they read this... SAAAAAAAAAAD
120. What's you favorite month?: haha, im codined up, so i thought it said "mouth!" uh... May...
121. What is your favorite number?: 7
122. If you could have any pet what would it be?: monkey... spider monkey...
123. What do you want for Christmas?: my two front teeth...
124: How long did it take you to fill this out?: i went to choir in between, so sort of 3 hours...
125. Favorite quote: "Bitches love me cause they know that i can ROCK."
126. Favorite book: Valley of the Dolls, Jaqueline Susann. Yes, it is porn.
127. If you could tell the world one thing about your friends and yourself what would it be? "The remedy is the experience. It is a dangerous liaison.I say the comedy is that its serious. Which is a strange enough new play on words. I say the tragedy is how you're gonna spend the rest of your nights with the light on. So shine the light on all of your friends because it all amounts to nothing in the end." - Jason Mraz

nyquil-ed up for the night cruel cruel world... i feel no pain...

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