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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Mood: stressed
Music: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1 - Flaming Lips
Color: Pink
Vice: binder clips

Yay for Nora's birthday. I'm glad she felt so happy this afternoon. I felt it was a good stress release for both of us, and we have reached a new level of friendship with each other. Its amazing what one afternoon with one of your best friends can do to you.
and in the words of mikey jacks:
"and you said... this... wouldnt last..."
and you all thought i have problems with commitment.
well guess fucking what.
i heart nora. and she cant get rid of me now. bwahahah.

im a little stressed out
here's why:
BIG psych project next monday, my weekend is booked, i was assigned a new part of the project, and i have no time to do it. I also am dealing with the affections of not one, not 2, not even 3, but FOUR boys - and i only want one of them.
guess who.
one is not within reach, and two i am totally done dealing with.
as for the other:
i want to jump him bones.
and hey nora... you know what they say about his bones...
ew. i will never forgive you for your dirty locker room gossip. ewwwwwww.
i lurv you anyway.
BUT! big psych project, no time, prom stress, brain snaps, the computer screen shorting, and me ready to die.
oh, and another history test on friday.
and this is all in addition to my sister comming home... next weekend? and my mom going out of town.
I have to move out of her room this week.
and you know there will be a HUGE power struggle for the car because my sister doesnt have a job and she'll insist on keeping it all day so she can pick people like Ben Seher up for lunch, and tease him so he'll keep bothering me with: "Natalie, you need to get over yourself and let your sister go to prom."
uh. no. veto.
we all know he needs to get over himself, not me getting over myself.
ANYWHO, i have to go be experimented on by my mother.
tonight is experimental food night.
apparently she made jamaican jerk chicken.
for the first time.
protien is good
know why?
i need all the fucking protien i can get so i can beat tim up on friday.
oh, btw: Lesley is comming to spend the weekend with me. Through monday.
we all know that will result in MANY bunny moments.
oh lord, help me now.
pretty much, she's stickin with me the whole weekend.
and is going on a blind date.
ha ha ha cruel cruel world

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