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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Mood: tired
Music: bang bang - nancy sinatra (kill bill vol. 1)

Quentin Terentino is a smart guy. Very smart, in fact. However, I do not reccomend watching 2 different QT movies in a row. For example: Kill Bill Vol. 1 and then Pulp Fiction.
It was by far WAY too much violence, drugs, and "chapters" for one day.
Kill Bill (Vol. 1) was a good movie. Im a big fan of visual imagery etc, and all the colors, camera shots and what not were extremely stimulating. Almost too stimulating. I wish I was going to see the second one tonight, but i am in recluse mode (the monkey type), so i am not going out.
Anywho, just finished Pulp Fiction. The editing organization was extremely similar to Kill Bill (aka, scenes in weird orders, occasionally seperated by "chapter-like" titles or blackouts.) It was not as gory as kill bill, but it had a lot of implications. Also, drug use... hmm... Uma... my hero. Lets just say i covered my eyes when they were doing the whole "Adrenaline Shot" thing. Yeah. not a fan of anything medical.
Considering I did get raped up my nose in the ER today.
Long story.
I should start now so you all dont think some creepy doctor stuck his dick up my nose.
cause that would be way gross.
So here we go:
So there's this whole "whooping cough epidemic" in Corvallis right now. And since your true immunity to whooping cough wears off after about 5th grade (no joke - you may have slight immunity, but youre not completely protected.) So they sent out a health letter to everyone, stating "blah blah blah epidemic. If your kids are coughing and hacking, get them checked out."
so a kid in my french class got it. (he was born in france and never got immunized.) so he sits every class period and pretty much vomits, with the hacking/weezing, into a hankercheif during a class discussion. And since it is a french class, it makes it terribly hard to hear, and i wish he would just stay away from the rest of us. yuck. thank you david lev, for exposing me to more of the disease im trying to avoid.
anywho, a friend of my mom's, who works at the school, called and said she got tested and she has it. So she's on antibiotics, and my mom started freaking out. Asking lots of symptoms questions, blah blah blah "youre going to the ER lab to get tested."
Right. fine. a throat culture wont be that bad. i get them all the time when my mom thinks i have strep. no biggie.
we show up.
we sit in the emergency room.
some poor medical student shows up with culture in hand.
Medical Student:"so! do you want to do this here [waiting room] or at your office [reference to Dr. Dad]"
Dr. Dad: "uh, arent you going to do it?"
Medical Student: "No. we're not allowed to. They dont teach us how."
Dr. Dad: "what?"
Medical Student: "Yeah." *looks over at me, who is speechless* "This is not going to be fun."
Me: "right. what?"
Dr. Dad: "but you just have to put it down the nose and down..." *makes an "up the nose down the throat motion*
Me: *gasp* "WHAT?!"
Medical Student: "Yeah. not fun. Sorry. I guess you can do this here." *hands culture to Dr. Dad and leaves*
Dr. Dad: "so do you just want to do this here?"
Dr. Dad: "not an option... come on natalie, be a big girl..."
Me: "dont use that 'be a big girl' shit with me. who the hell do you think you are? there is NO WAY that thing is going up my nose. no thank you. no thanks. lets go."
Dr. Dad: "we're not leaving till its done."
Me: "fuck." *sits down*
all of a sudden, metal stick cotton swab is up my nose in some weird place i never knew existed inside my head.
and it hurt like a bitch.
so it doesnt actually go down my throat. it actually just travels your entire nasal cavity and pokes the hell out of it.

i think they go after your nasalpharix... or something... the one all the way on the end.
fuck it hurt like a bitch.
anywho, after my nose was violated. I went home, watched 2 very violent movies, walked downtown in the rain, by myself, went shopping for nora's birthday present, tried to call MacKenzie, merinated, and now im here, after watching pulp fiction.
for future reference, MacKenzie had better things to do than hang out with me today. ouch.
anywho, since i had a completely worthless day, smelling my clothes because of the last night's "grit-cherry-popping-experience" (paranoia to the MAX! but wonderful), whitening my teeth, and collaging, this has been a completely worthless, reclusive day.
Expect tomorrow to be the same, except instead of doing things that i need to do that are fun, i will be finishing a college course, studying for its final, and listening to my mom tell me about how low my accum is and how i will never get into my first choice college.
aim for the stars they said.
and thats what i did.
and then i was told im a fucking worthless piece of shit and i will never amount to anything.
thanks mom. love you too.
youre not a special or unique snowflake. its like im a number, a statistic, and i need to get out of this fucking town.
anybody that sticks around here for any other reason than because they want to, or physically cant leave, is fucking rediculous and you practically have no respect from me.
i feel like that cocky bastard who thinks he knows everything there ever needs to be learned from life.
and we all know who im talking about.
cause we all get it every day.
and we all hate it.
im tempted to drop this journal, and start a new one that nobody knows the name of. it would make comments people leave more insightful.
but wait, it might not. i mean, people dont read anymore, and i dont get any comments... so, its like already having an anonymous journal.
oh man.
im on a fucking roll.
read that? fucking roll.
roll out bitches. the sleepy train is leavin the fuckin station cruel, cruel fucking world.

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