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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Mood: trippy
Music: Triplets of Belleville Theme
Color: black and white
Vice: The Hollywood Theater

Nobody expects me to blog today. Oh well. It will come as a shock, im sure.
just taking advantage of my free internet.
so, 6 hours in a classroom (conference room at Embassy Suites near the Airport - a plane passes every 45 minutes...) making small talk with a local (some bleach blond who goes to school here. dumb as rocks, if i do say so myself) paying close attention to the SAT prep course (Aka, writing Hiakus (to be published later) and playing block breaker on my palm pilot.)
thank you mom and dad, for sending me to SAT class. Im sure its worth your dollas.
Then we went shopping - more specifically for my brother. He's growing out of everything he owns because he's hitting... dare i say... puberty? the kid grew like 3 inches in the last couple of months.
scary. i know.
not as scary as when my mom and i got home from the NY trip with Lesley, and my mom found a pile of boy's briefs on the floor of her closet.
"I only want to wear boxers now."
anyway, so we bought him some shirts and shorts from AE, and some pants from GAP.
he's my brother - i have to make sure he looks good.
and yes. i bought myself more shorts... aka... cropped pants... AH! STORY OF MY LIFE.
I sent nora a text message today. i dont think she got it.
the blond girl next to me got like... 500 text messages.

So my mom and i just got back from "The Triplets of Belleville" - which was so incredibly amazing. i cant even begin to describe it. you have to see it yourself to believe it. Im one of those artsy fartsy nerds that was like "looook at the colors!" throughout the entire movie.
it was beautiful.

i hope nobody expects to spend a lot of un-pre-arranged time with me next week. i am practically booked, and will publish the schedule when i dont have to pee this bad.

all i have to say, is that Lesley and I are going to have a TERRIFIC (did i spell that right?) week. yes. a wonderful, persued, week.
Nora, doll face, i miss you dearly, and am curious to know about the not-so-datish-date. inform me SVP.

im out cruel cruel world. ive had one margarita toooo many.

note: realized that i only have phenoix on my calc... sad... no tetris prep!

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