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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Mood: womity.
Music: wonderful tonight - eric clapton
Color: polka dotted... thats a color now...
Vice: aviators

i think i might pee my pants out of nervousness -
have you ever had that feeling?
what i find REALLY interesting is nobody has ever made me this nervous before. I'm not sure why its happening this time, but im bound to find out someday.
Les and I have a busy weekend, if you need to get ahold of us, call the cell, cause that'll be the only way.
and can somebody tell me why Mr. Spartan tickets are $9? thats fucking rediculous! what would ever posess someone to charge THAT much to see some thrown together skits of some of the biggest assholes in school? *coughJAKEROYcough*
i know. its for a good cause. save the babies.
too bad there are nations in the world where people cant afford to keep their children and have overpopulation problems -
why dont we save the babies by adopting?!
its frustrating.
ill probably end up beggin my parents for $ anyway...
shucks, cruel cruel world...

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