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Friday, April 30, 2004

Mood: wommity. and yet, very energetic.
Music: desperado - eagles
Color: sparkle white
Vice: nailpolish

i figure i should give you all a recap of yesterday's events. This is a blog, and i should share my life with you.
as much as you dont want to hear it.
3:15 - show up at CV for rehersal/trip to costume loft. I am naturally assuming (at the time) that there is NO WAY that we are going to finish costume trying-ons in time. I rush into the bathroom after walking through the doors, as i hear cries of "HEY NATALIE! oh damn, she's ignoring us."
"no im not ignoring you! im taking a pit stop*!" (*checking hair and applying chapstick) i return to the theater lobby and share hugs and "hullooooos". maybe the cast likes me after all.
In walks Sam, Tim, and Joel. I leave to go look for Nora. Seriously, CV needs to have maps up so you can find the damn photo lab. Couldnt find it anyhow. So i walk back to the theater and i hear my name called from across the quad. We walk towards each other, down the stairs and into the quad (movie/picturesque) style, and hugs and kisses ensue. We chortle about good times and head off to the theater.
I sit with Nora at first, and then realize i do not belong. i am wearing green teeshirt, while everyone else is wearing black pants and black shirts. they were talking about something else anyway, so i wandered over to Tim (who secretly slides me a mix cd... sort of. it was secret agent style, but everyone saw...), Sam (who is still wearing his aviators inside... so fucking cool), Joel (whos laughing up a storm), and Bo (who has yet to tell me if he's going to prom with us.) We chat, and then decide to move outside, where is it lovely.
3:35 - Ronda shows up, finally. She asks if we know how to get to the costume loft. apparently im the only one that does, and Nora suddenly disapeared to the bathroom. So the person that actually knows where shes going is technically one of the last people to leave the parking lot. Nora saunters back, and we finally make it to the lot, peeling out to catch up. I slam in the new mix, and Nora and i giggle the entire way there over the song choices.
Song: You shook me all night - ACDC
Nora: "HAH! What a dork!"
song: wonderful tonight - eric clapton
Me: "GAH!"
Nora: "what? you weirdo."
song: the joker - steve miller band
Nora: "KEEP THIS ONE ONNNNNNN! i bet desperado is on this cd..."
song: desperado - eagles
Nora: "what a cheeseball."
heh. anywho, so we arrive. first people there, after 15 minutes of driving, giggling, and yelling along with the music. we chill outside in the car, waiting for others to arrive, making hand guestures and singing along with Desperado.
4:15 - Ronda shows up. we all discover that the costume loft has been moved 6 blocks. so we drive. we pass Alex Johnson's group, who is trying to point out a truck full of mullets. As we pass Nora yells: "Jesus sucks!"
WAYYYY TO GO. yelling that at a car with a bumper sticker that says "I *heart* Jesus" and is full of mullets (and probably a couple 45s) is not a great idea dear.
So we blast the yeah yeah yeahs. practically busting the speakers.
4: 25m - so we get to the new costume loft, and everyone goes ballistic. costumes are everywhere, people are out of control. people sporting fake machine guns are chortling and quoting: "SAY 'ELLO TO MY LITT'L FRWEIND!" after trying on the GIAGANTIC tiger head.
i was actually molested by a cast member in one.
oh wait. THAT was Jeremy. without the tiger head.
Kiwi suddenly hugged me with the tiger head on. caught me WAY off guard!
i ended up sporting an Indiana Jones hat along with Tim's "Pig/boar" hat for awhile. I looked pretty rediculous. But had a good laugh when Tim and Sophie had to wear the same silly white suit.
("youre not wearing that to prom are you?!" "yeah. i thought it would look GREAT." My hero.)
So everybody starts to finish up. Sam, Tim, Joel and Adam leave early. Nora and I leave about 15 minutes later. Ronda decides to cancell the rest of practice. her first good call so far.
~6:00 - driving up witham hill to Nora's. we pass a trecell and Nora goes: "look! its Tim!" i refrain from glancing and peeing my pants. Instead, she laughs and giggles as my sudden reaction.
("hey, btw, when you were dropping Nora off, i passed you. I was dropping Adam off." "oh.")
So yeah, it was him.
So i drop off my lovely, and head back into town - dreading the meeting that was about to ensue...
7:00 - quickest dinner ever. work on homework, chat online for a few seconds, gather my things.
7:50 - Tim calls. Perfect timing, i am due at a psych meeting in 10 minutes. so we chat, briefly. He promises he'll try to call me back and let me know what the weekend deal is. i head out to Avery's.
8:15 - very lost. could not find the intersection of C and 6th. You think it would come after D? NO! NO IT DOESNT! (sometimes...)
8:20 - arrival at Averys. Ali and Avery are there. Hanna and Dine are not there. Place phone calls to find out where they are. They have yet to leave, which of course is somehow justified.
8:30 - Hannah and Dine arrive. we start to get work done, but it ends up being the longest project work ever...
9:50 - leave Averys. thank god. i thought i would pass out.
10:00 - Tim calls back. Apparently todays "hangout" is a go. He's gotta go clean his room tho, so its an incredibly brief conversation. what a charmer. :P
11:00 - finally get offline after realizing Sam has lost interest in my conversation when my sentence doesnt include the word "Lesley." I head upstairs, and realize my library book is overdue. Super.
11:45 - start to fall asleep, and then realize i have a history test tomorrow that i didnt really study for.
11:46 - oh well.
11:50 - wait. are tim and i JUST hanging out tomorrow? what is lesley doing?
12:00 - crap. what is going on?
12:15 - alfkwnvaojh;ajnvraoiher;gkhadf;ah;va
12:17 - $%#@
12:20 - i think thats when i fell asleep. i hate it when i think, cruel, cruel world...

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