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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Mood: youre ugly, and thats sad.
Music: Mad World - Gary Jules

So I'm back from my trip with Lesley and Madre. New York, upstate for that matter, is way fun when you have a fellow bunny along.
And yes. I meant bunny.
We took those damn, green, $1 ears and worked them.
"Cute ears."
"Hi bunnies!"
"Look mom! They're wearing ears!"
That was just a slice of heaven of what we heard. That doesn't even include the countless doubletakes and stares. The poor people of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport see quite a few whackos every day, but none, my friends, wearing green, fuzzy, bunny ears.
So right, im embarassed. People are pointing, staring, asking questions, whispering - a paranoid's worst nightmare. The worst part is i KNEW they were talking about us.
I need to repaint my nails.
Lesley's bike is in my garage.
my ears hurt. the real ones.
So as i sit in my brown avaitors, which i did find, sasha, i begin torealize that i, am indeed, a tired bunny. waking up this morning to easter in a hotel room is always joyus, espically when you think its three hours later, and your waiter, Jared, reminds you of the guy you drunkenly made out with at Syracuse.

i hate you so bad cruel, cruel, world...
ps. bunny, tomorrow, we start operation prom... lets get this shit done asap.

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