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Thursday, April 01, 2004

This morning: got up late, even for getting ready for teaching art class with my mom. Since she excused me from french so i could go, i was really hoping i could get up on time to get ready.
no, instead, i speed shaved... resulting in razorburn. wooot.
so i wander downstairs, a little later than i hoped, and went to the fridge to get a postage stamp for my letter.
that tells you how tired i was. 7 hours of sleep has never gone over well with my body.
so instead, i poured myself some odwalla in a bowl, realizing that it wasn't the cup i wish i had removed from the cubbord, and proceded to have odwalla soup.
after that, i read part of the newspaper, and cut a fish out of construction paper so i could stick it on my mothers back, and run down the halls screaming: "POISSON D'AVRILLLLLLL!"
i didnt end up using it. i thought it was cruel and unusual to stick a paper fish on her back so a class of 40 or so 4th graders could laugh and point at her.
if it was me, i would have been mortified. so i didnt do it.
anywho, turns out i had forgotten that i set my nightstand clock 13 minutes ahead, so i push myself in the morning. (the sudden realization that i am running late every morning is forgotten when i put on my watch and notice that i am actually 3 minutes late, according to the school clock. note: this is still an unprefected system.)
so my mom and i head off to Jefferson to teach the art class. we walk in and go:
"sorry guys. no art today. we're going to work on fractions instead."
if you haven't had 40 looks of shock in your direction, you haven't lived. they soon caught on and replied with giggles of "april fools!" and "you learn fractions in 5th grade!"
the teacher, however, fell for it. dumbass. (still love ya mr. phillips!)
the class continued, with the disabled kid who kept asking me how old i was and if i wanted his shoes, the kid who wanted my attention ALL THE DAMN TIME, and the cute little girl who genuinely wanted my opinion of her drawing. and it was good... for a 4th grader...
so then i went to high-o-scope, and as usual, i was immediately critisized as soon as i walked in the room.
"i hate your shoes."
yeah. well fuck you, man. i love these shoes... minus the fact it feels like im walking on pebbles.
i dont dress to please other people, sorry. here, we'll make a deal, if you let me dress myself, ill let you dress HOWEVER you want.
i really should be doing something else.
i had something insightful to say. and then i forgot.
bummer. sucks for you cruel, cruel, world.
ps. its "tambien" - i know that now.
pps. good luck at state, crucible...
ppps. i know its bad for me, but i really want a smoke...

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