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Monday, May 17, 2004

Mood: tired and sick
Music:beth orton... whatever ms russell has playing...
Vice:love... i think?

im beginning to search a little deeper than i have before... how far down the rabbit hole do i want to go? thats the question at hand...

saw ms. carman in the bathroom a little while ago. she liked my earings from prom, which is a huge compliment, because i pretty much idolize everything she wears. haha, im such a fashion dork. i need to get out more. but her pants today are really cute... when i go to college, im going to start shopping at good thrift stores and start dressing cooler. im such a poser. send in the poooolice.
speaking of teachers...
i finished the article on rate my teachers for HOS. it didnt turn out as great as i had hoped, but i think everyone should at least check out the website in the meantime. If you want to give me your thoughts on it, it would be greatly appreciated - all i have is one anonymous interview, and for me, thats not up to par. so check it out and get back to me on that.
i noticed someone added ms. russell on the site. that kinda caught me off guard. It was RIGHT after i told her that she wasnt on there.
at least she has a good rating.
this is silly... ratings are silly. grades are pointless. shouldnt it matter who the person is rather than how many numbers you can add together? maybe i should go to sarah laurence... to bad i could NEVER get in there.
and this stress i have is in addition to my grades. So i dont try as hard as i probably should, but shouldnt i be able to retain information? isnt the point of testing to see how much i learn from the class? it's suppost an evaluation tool, not a torture device! right?
funny story: (well i think its funny.) so everyone in the cast is coughing and hacking. that is not cool. so this morning, i told jules to get some antibiotics, which i started yesterday. She turns around in class and goes:
"do you think you could have given it to tim?"
then it hit me. well, maybe i could have given the cold to tim, but think about this:
if i gave the cold to Tim, he could have given it to Jules, who could have given it to Sophie, who could have given it to Jeremy, who could have given it to Erica, who could have given it to Nora, who kisses me.
so technically, everyone in the cast is linked.
its the 12th night degree of seperation.

i was thinking about what i want to do with my life this morning. i know it involves art, creativity, freedom, and chocolate sauce.

Lesley, i know you want to go to Gap this weekend, and the closest is Salem, but i dont know if i can make it THIS weekend. I have the show, my newfound exhaustion, and a ton of homework that i am going to catch up on. Si nous n'allons pas a Salem, le weekend prochaine, nous sommes allons - je te promis.
mmm... cookies.

this is my 200th post cruel, cruel world. i OFFICIALLY have no life.
who knew it could all happen this fast...

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