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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mood: oooh, you cannot touch me now
Music: falling - beatles
Color: green.
Vice: pretending im psychic

pooor sam: he thinks im candian.

Anyway, its been awhile since ive blogged, and ive realized, what is life without blogging?
just as busy as it was. except i get homework done a HELLOVA lot faster.

So i thought id fill you in on my schedule for the next weekend or two. enjoy the massacre, manniquins.

Go to school.
Do some "fabulous" party prep with Dine
Math tutor. cause i missed 15 in the math section of the SATs.
Cry because Lesley got a WAY better score than i did, but wont tell me cause she'll know ill cry about it. :P kidding... about me crying at least...
Cry about HOS - realizing i have to go back and work on my page allllll day.
Kick someone at HOS work party.
Call Nora. for a moment of Zen. thank you love.
Kill a specific someone at HOS work party.
Rock out to Clapton and the Eagles.
Call Tim.
Pretend i'm psychic.
Pretend to have something to gossip about with Lesley, and then just start talking about prom again.
Wash my hands clean of layout for the year.
Psychologically prepare myself for the editor-in-cheifness.
Study SATS.
Do homework?

Go to school.
Die - by sitting through ALL classes. yarg.
Pretend to care in psychology.
Gossip with Hannah and Dine. because thats what we do.
I love Hannah and Dine.
Cry about how rediculous some of the boys in our psych class are.
Go home.
Study SATs.
Do homework? non.
Hang out with Tim.
Make nice-nice with the Godparents/Legal Guardians/Friends of the family
Watch as Tim squirms as they question his "future plans" (theyre the fucking spanish inquisition! "Did someone say spanish inquisition?!")
Laugh at my poooor poooooooor love
Maybe play bocce.
high-tail it out of the house with Tim.
Go see Shrek 2: because we're cool like that!

Work on SATs.
Buy Rosie the Riveter for Ms. Russell.
Work on finals/final projects.
Do homework? N.O.!
Listen to my Brad and Ethan mp3s. OH HELLA. (... AND I'M WORN OUT ON YOUUUUU! JUNE 11th! wahooo!)
Get "Mrazgasm" teeshirts for me and Norafish. (JUNE 12! WAHOOOO!)
Work on Tim's mexico present.
Go to peak sports and look at mesenger bags. decide if i want a different one than the one i got.
Work on my OSU schedule with mom.
Call Tim.
Pretend im psychic.
Make food for Dine's.
Go to Dine's.
Get trashed.
Do karaoke.
Watch porn (long story - no jumping to conclusions, folks!)
Make drunk boys dress in drag. (WAHOOOOOO!)
Pass out. I'm always the first gone. bwahaha.

wake up, hungover, and realize its 3 in the afternoon.
go home.
deal with the folks.
pretend im normal.
pretend im psychic.
humor my parents.
call Tim.
take a nap.
work on finals/final projects.
do homework? EHNNNNN-OHHHHH!
maybe call people and throw a little cast party together at Avery.
pray none of us get abducted while we're there.
Call Lesley and fill her in on my weekend.
find out if Lesley got hella trashed.
be jealous, because of course she COULD have, and of COURSE she was hanging out with all the people i wish i was.
Realize im a tard. oh well.
Study SATs, and then laugh because i realize i am STILL hungover, and will not remember shit that i try to learn. damn.
Cry about Alias being over until NEXT JANUARY!?!??!?!?
Laugh, because i am still hungover, and feel like shit, so i laugh when i am.
*insert passing out here*

Rejoice. we have a 3 day weekend!
use the "im still hungover" as an excuse for being reclusive. fuck. now the secrets out.
do homework? i suppose...
work on finals/final project.
do not regress or repress.
Call Lesley. Because i havent seen her all weekend. Im a tard.
Call Tim, because i can.
Call Sam, pretend im a stalker, hang up. BWAHAHAHAH.
Talk to Hannah.
Study SATs. Realize its my last day off before the end of the year (technically)
Scour the city for Hannah and Dine's graduation presents.
Tell Sam to make me a sandwich. or a sammich. whichever one i type first...
Clean room.
Choir? somebody lemme know...

Skip HOS to do secret Ms. Russell thingy.(oh, not so secret anymore.)
Go home.
Pass out.
Go to Mom's art/gallery show of 4th grade art.
... with Tim. because he is wundebar. hahaha.
("its 4th grade art." "but i like art." "Tim, 4th GRADERS!" "Yeah, so?" "fine. be my gallery show date." "OKAY!" loves.)
go home.

Call mom to see if i got the OSU classes i wanted.
die, when i dont. laugh if i do.
Realize Conroy thinks im "AWESOME!" WAHOOOOO!
Laugh allll the way through psych. realize its my last day with Hannah and Dine.
Cry, because its my last day with Hannah and Dine.
Laugh. hard. reminsce over the weekend.
Rejoice, when i realize its my last day with the devil woman.
Last day of french tutor. (different person)
Do homework? non.
Work on finals? Si.

Hop out of HOS early to go to math SAT tutor.
cry through tutor.
go home.
study for SATs.
call Tim.
Homework? possibly.
Go to sleep.

nothing out of the ordinary.
go to bed early.


Beth Powell Concert @ 3.
dont come. i will not sing for you. EVER. so dont even ask.
i hate choir concerts.

attend graduation? maybe? maybe not...

help take down gallery show? maybe? maybe not...

Finals. get out at noon.
find cool people to chill with.

Finals. Get out around noon.
find cool people to hang out with.

Go to school.
Die - when i realize my east coast grandparents will be waiting for me when i get home.
Go home.
Talk to grandparents.
retreat to room.
Call Lesley. Tell her about Brad and Ethan.
Call Tim. Make sure he's comming to Brad and Ethan.
Call Sam. Make sure he's comming to Brad and Ethan.
Call Nora. Remind her about Brad and Ethan.
Pick up Mrazgasm shirts.
have dinner with grandparents.
giggle when they leave early due to east coast time.
run to Brad and Ethan.
Hang out with Tim for the last time before 5 weeks of seperation.
Give him Mexico present.
Die. just die.
party all night.

Wake up.
Hopefully talk to Tim before he leaves for Mexico.
Put on Mrazgasm teeshirt.
Make driving CD.
Drive to Portland, with Nora.
Go shopping.
drive home at like... 2 in the morning, and pray we dont die on I-5

and hang out with my grandparents.
say goodbye to grandparents.

then i have a dentist appointment, and pretty much, thats the only thing i have before i leave for USC on the 24th.
good lord.
OH, i am going to the coast with Hannah and Dine. Wahoo. drunken coast weekend.

alright, back to the SAT study party... or something... mom should be home soon...

dont expect me to blog much this week, i clearly have a lot to do... hope this one was LONG ENOUGH for Lesley. for the record, your blogs are WAY shorter than mine. i love you anyway, dorkpants.

later cruel cruel world...

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