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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Mood: very tired with a sinus infection... yummy, i know.
Music: cigarette - ben folds 5
Color: pink
Vice: the mother love

Oy. its been days since ive blogged.
and my oh my.
i have no excuse.
but, my friends, many a things have changed - including the way i present myself in this blogger.
lets just say it was the result of a near death experience.
anywho, back to the life:

the play has been going alright so far. Its kinda weird, being crew. Its the first time ive been on the outside of the inside. however, occasionally, i have my way in. Friday was really exciting. We had an audience of about 50, and everybody was pumped, nervous and ready to go. The show went really well, almost no glitches... you know the occasional technical difficulty... oh well.
Saturday, the matinee, hah. so, with an audience of about 17, we made it through (barely) without a pianist, a couple lighting cues, missing and hungover actors, and just the general rush of the play. Ronda was on headset, so i didnt really do that much. she and kyler were pretty self sufficiant anyway, so i went backstage and painted my nails. I would only have about an hour to get ready for prom anyway.
Prom, that night, i thought was a blast. pictures at my house were kinda weird, considering Lesley and I couldnt figure out how to put on a boutineer (sp?) for the life of us. shame.
but after a few weaaaaaak attempts, we got it, and headed into sam's jeep for the ride to his house. turns out he lives somewhere around nora's hill. it was dark, there were speedbumps, so i probably couldnt get back there for the life of me.
dinner was darling... the boys... uh... helped with the cooking (sam "made" the sauce, and tim opened the spagetti) so big ups to sam's mom for making us dinner. shes a doll. we sat on the couch and sipped drinks awkwardly... Tim found "goodnight moon" on the coffee table, and i almost cried.
musta been a plant.
after, while we were waiting for the spagetti to cook, we played melee, which brought back beaucoup de memories. they were way better at it than joel and arlen. tim beat us all... multiple times...
during dinner... we... uh... talked? awkward dinner conversation which lead us to perverse topics... which were quickly discarded. hurray for our... kosher conversation? by the way, if you didnt know, Sam has a quazi photographic memory. now, this is not sam, tim's dog, or sammy, ronda's son, but Sam, as in "he who is totally chill."
around 9:30 we jet setted to prom... walked in the door and dropped off our coats. I saw ms. carman, who is way cool for going to prom, and said hello. she mentioned that she found my blog by a search engine. scary. does that mean that if i write "booglie googlie" in my blog, that i can go to a search engine and find it?
creeeeeeeepy... lets test it!
but there was this really awkward moment where i asked her what i wrote about her and she said that i had written (in regards to the english proposal) that she had told me to "...leave while they discussed it... thanks..." or something like that.
i honestly didnt remember writing that.
but im sorry if i offended you ms. carman. it was written out of teen angst - but if you go back to the search engine, and you type in ms. carman, you will find that you made the list of "cheers and jeers 04" and that you got a cheer.
see, its not all bad!
back to prom. saw ms. carman, had my picture taken with her (seriously, i hope that if i ever become a teacher, that i can dress like her and go to prom,) we went upstairs (after avoiding the picture line which went all the way down the hall,) and made our way upstairs to look for people we knew.
that failed. miserably. i barely recognised half of the people there - seriously!
so we just started dancing... or something... who knows. i think it started out as the all too terrible: head bobbing.
but i think we all had a good time. At one point, lesley and sam disappeared and tim and i eventually found them immersed in theater people.
sophie looked beauuuuutiful!!!!!!!!!
righto, but overall, from joel proclaiming "i gotta 12 and some sky..." in front of troy wagstaff, to me calling the prom court 2 weeks before it was announced, to me stepping on lesleys dress, to her having to re-tie mine, i think we had a good time.
so on our way back to sam's, we picked up our complimentary prom votives and jelly candles. im sure half of the student body has already discarded their jelly candle and broke in their new shot glasses last night...
i know tim broke his (jelly candle) within 15 minutes of getting it. heh.
so after realizing we were parked in (and had the problem solved - thanks tristan :P) we went back to sam's, and lesley and i speed changed into sweatpants. we then watched tommy boy, which is really, a very funny movie. too bad i couldnt laugh because i kept coughing and i was so tired.
i decided not to spend the night at lesley's.
i figured: hmm, Natalie (the first to bed) + Lesley (the night owl) + sinus infection + "allergies" + prom chaos = about 2 hours of sleep.
i wanted my bedwarmer too.
so tim drove me home.
and i went to sleep.

woke up this morning at 10:15, and realized Nora's birthday brunch was in 15 minutes. jumped out of bed, gave my mom a detailed account of prom, got dressed, checked my cell to see if les had called (she hadn't, where are you!??!) and went to nora's.
got there... a little late, but katie shaw was the only other person there at the time. but we all chatted, had a good laugh. people stared showing up, and we had a lovely bruch which consisted of souffle, chocolate scones, strawberries and bruchetta. YUM.
now that prom is over, i can get fat. yippee!
but we had a lot of fun, and headed over to Avalon to see "what the #%$@!..." it was... mind blowing. it had to do with quantium mechanics and if reality really exists.
mind blowing. really. id explain it more, but im retar... i mean, really reaaaaaally stupid, and have NO ability to retain information.
im gonna make it through college, i swear.

so now i have antibiotics for my sinus infection, bling on my fingernails, a problem with actual exhaustion, a pile of homework, and a cell phone that wont stop ringin cruel, cruel world.
its tough bein a gansta, aight?

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