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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Mood: frustrated and tired... its like 9:30AM
Music: whatever is playing along with the dog show im watching...
Color: green, dog show astroturf - you figure that would be hard to clean dog shit out of...
Vice: being alone

i honestly wish today was a recluse day. like the monkey.

i miss bunny. i called her a few times yesterday, but she wasnt home. who knows what she was doing?! apparently today she is going to Portland, (without me!) and i wont get to talk to her until tomorrow.
i feel like slitting my wrists.

dont feel bad. lately, ive been really bad about that - so dont let me get you down, man!

on another note: im pretty pissed. note to people that hate me: back of beeches. cause next time you go out of your way to be mean/rude, im just gonna tell you to hit me and get it over with. please, just hit me once: im begging you.

the play ending is bittersweet. I know that it ending means that i wont get to see some of my favorite people anymore, or that my time with them will be limited. It also means that i will not have to put up with Ronda's demands or whiny people on the cast, who i feel like drop kicking.

Nora just told me she has a problem with pda.
im going to go slit my wrists now.

i dont want to do strike today. yucky yucky yucky. i dont feel like striking - i wish i could... uh... sweep? instead? maybe ill clean up the makeup room. thats a better job for me...

this boy ive been slightly avoiding is talking to me again. i actually scaled a wall in my family room so he wouldnt know i was there. almost saw me, i think, but i got away with it. my dad tried to help, which was nice. thanks dad. i know you wont read this unless you type "dad" into a search engine, im sure...

funny story - remember when i said we should test search engines by typing googlie booglie into search engines to see if my website popped up? well, turns out its a popular word, and my site didnt pop up... at all... saaaaaaaaaaaad

frat boys didnt play their shitty music this morning cruel cruel world... that makes me feel a little better...

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