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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mood: pink
Music: alright - lucy nation
Color: pink
Vice: guacamole...

so im tempted to change the layout of my blog... well... the template. Although i am very fond of this one... I already changed bunny and the murmaid to a different template, but lesley has yet to post, so its not that interesting.
oh well.
im just a dork.

i hope she had a good birthday. she wasnt as animate as i had hoped. oh well, it sounded like she had a good time. during the movie, she kept telling ME to smile. she likes the tiara better anyway... ah the simple pleasures in life...

i am sick and tired of ronda mcbeth acting like she's 14. seriously, the woman gossips, trash talks (yes, totally different things) whines, is irresponsible, immature, and is lazy.
there. its out of my system.
now i feel fourteen.

"i look like jackie-fucking-o'nassis."
"jackie fucked o'nassis?"

ohhhhhhhh man cruel cruel world. not even enough time to write an interesting blog...

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