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Monday, May 03, 2004

Mood: teehee... and im sore...
Music: desperado - eagles, and Johnny B. Good - CHUCK BERRY
Color: black... the color of my bleeding soul... alright... thats getting old...
Vice: your mom.

Lesley just might fall and die on my stairs.
she watched "the Opera" today
alright, so today i had a SUPER tiring day:
A Block - intense history notes out the hizzy. ALMOST DIED. fo reals.
B Block - preparation for my psych presentation. hella.
C Block - 1.5 hours of talking to a completely unresponsive class. silly silly psych presentation.
Lunch - talk to English department about application for English credit idea. sounds so far so good...
After lunch - got in an argument with mom. just petty shit. got all sullen and hella tired, so i watched survivor.
3:15 - back to CHS for play rehersal. i was, literally, dead to the world. i fell asleep during practice, but nobody noticed. teehee. Tim was there, but he didnt have practice.
He has to get rid of his sideburns. which is sad. i will miss them so.
but he hugged me, and gave me a kiss and told me he'd call me and to have a good day tomorrow.
lets just day it brightened my day.
i went down to the vending machine, and bought myself a pepsi, so i would stay awake.
unfortunately, the caffeine didnt kick in until dinner, and then through choir.
i totally rocked out during "when im 64" with katie payne.
we were off the hizzy.
i need to stop saying that.

so anywho, i was thinking today. remember when you were like... in second grade (well, girls, try to remember at least. guys wont relate...) and you would take the last name of whatever boy you liked and put it after your name?
Natalie Vanderbeek
Natalie Hartnet
Natalie Cruise
Natalie Prinze
Natalie Bloom (thanks les)
Natalie... Usher? he didnt have a last name... i donno...
Natalie-Z (as in Jay-Z)
Natalie Depp
Natalie Ledger

the combinations continue.
and whats silly, dont deny it, you all continue to do so today.
and i admit it.
i do.
i crush on boys.
and then i add their last name.
just for kicks.
and i realized today:
im on my second Anderson.
that was as close to a bunny giggle as i could get cruel cruel world...

more later...

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