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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Mood: murrr...
Music: dramamine - modest mouse
Color: salmon
Vice: fred meyer

im still angsty today.
i dont know why.
could this be my polar side to smitten?

had my interview with Melody today.
it went fine.
actually, it went really well.
the only reason she wouldnt probably choose me is because im overqualified.
thats a little cocky.
and a lie.
the only reason she wouldnt pick me is if i was to talkative.
maybe thats it.
i have no idea why she wouldnt pick me.
not bein modest or anything, but i thought i did really well.
ms russell practically threw a fit over me finishing the grades.
so i skipped going home during lunch and did it.
and its done.
i hope all your russell students are happy now.

have i mentioned how exhausted i am?
i am exhausted cruel, cruel world... more later when i dont have to leave for play practice...

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