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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Mood: poor... pas de $cha-ching$
Music: Hotel California - Eagles... the acoustic one with the spanish thing in the beginning so the audience doesnt know what song they're playing until the 30 second intro is over... bwahaha
Color: newspaper gray
Vice: shopping

Take my wallet away from me.
I bought Bunny another birthday present today.
It'll take me awhile to figure out that i need to remember people's birthdays last minute or else i will buy them birthday presents for months.
but trust me.
this is a great one.
a SUPER one.
she will be so psyched.
i almost want to give it to her now.
the underwear too.
she's known about that for months.
but she cant have that
until Sunday... when we go to MEAN GIRLS!
she is hilary. i am lindsay.
bring it BEEEEYOCH!

she is soooo fake cruel cruel world...

more after practice... i just had to tease the bunny...

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