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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mood: smitten.
Music: Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
Color: spartan blue
Vice: Lesley

who knew i would laugh to the point where i was weak in the knees when Lesley went: "LOOK OVER THERE!" *sam and tim look* and she pushes her tomatoes onto Tim's plate.
I had to leave the table.
Too bad I could barely walk.
Mr. Spartan was alright. I guess Jesse Fitzpatrick getting second place was pretty cool. I dont know Mike Strobridge, but thats alright. He seemed a little shy onstage, but gave it his all during the dance.
I heart Josue. I'm glad i went.
I have a newfound respect for Jake Roy. That was actually unbelievable. I generally am not a big fan of Jake, but when you go all out on your "JAKOBI" skit, i couldnt help but laugh. Touche, my man...
I know Sam and Lesley were disgusted with me. thats alright. im smitten. nothing else really matters. :P oh... but it does!
After Spartan (which was fun, i admit. Minus Brendo sitting behind us dictating the entire show to Katie backstage... YES, THERES THAT NAME AGAIN!) we went to Joel's house. Everytime Egli pulls the "I'm SO sober right now." Act, i cant help but want to leave the room. Tim and I chilled out ouside, while lesley got her rebel kick for the weekend.
we are SO fucking outta control.
i gotta go wake her up now and tell her Arlen cant take her to church cruel, cruel, world.

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