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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Mood: wommity?
Music: 2ge+her - the hardest part of breaking up (is getting back your stuff)
Color: green
Vice: twista

i cant believe i went out with a kleptomaniac...

so my sister is home.
and so far we've argued.
oh wait.
and argued.
and had power struggles.
and shes going to see ben seher tonight.
its going to be a hella long summer.

on a brighter note:
im HOS editor-in-chief next year!
im really excited. i feel kind of bad because inbar was not happy at all, but it didnt help that i got some really nasty looks from people in the class. specifically people who dont plan on being in the class next year - why the fuck should you care?
im really excited about it tho and i hope inbar doesnt use it against me. i think next year should go a lot more smoothly than it did this year.
and yes, sophie: i promise to limit the comma splices.

arg. tired. must go brush my teeth... company in 45 cruel, cruel world...
bring on the fights.

note: i will probably blog half as often, due to the limited computer use for the rest of all time. not having that computer to my self will mean i have to blog in public. Meaning: every time i do blog, my mom will be standing over my shoulder, pestering me to finish my portland state class.
and rehersal will run for long hours next week.
considering we open.
next friday.
and we are SOOOOO not ready.

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