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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Mood:pissed at Nat's dumbass computer
Music: EMO..actually, otr...
Color: my purse blue
Vice: expensive gum

Ok, this is not Nat. No indeed, this is LESLEY alias BUnny. Now, you may ask "what the fuck is this twerp doing on NAt's Blog? Her literary sanctuary? Isn't enough that we have to hear about this kid IN Nat's blog, and read her comments on Nat's comment board- but to have her WRITE in Nat's BLOG???"

Ok, sorry. But you see, Nat's computer has an automatic sign in for BLogs. No matter how many times I hit "Sign Off" it reasures me that yes, I am Natalie and it is time to update!

Well no, this is Lesley, and due to a broken computer at home, and the fact that I'm not living there right now... my blog has been a sad neglected thing.

SO I am taking over Nat's blog until she gets back form psych and can fix this problem. She's going to laugh at me but it's ok. I mean, hello.

This weekend had been really fun. Most people don't see being subjected to blind dates, 3 and a half hour shows in sweltering heat and staying at your firends house wihtout her as any fun, but I'm thinking I thrive for awkwardness.

Or not.

Oooh, Jet just cam eon the playlist. J'aime Jet beacoup.

So this weekend, lets go:

Friday: Yayyy Mythology sub, you make my exhistance. Finished our damn Mythology project- that is, if Jacob the stoner, Mike the Paintballer and Mark the Skiier really do get together and do that claymation. Otherwise we are quite uncomfortably fucked up the bottom. That's right- Jacob came to class! Surprises abound. Poor little dude, hopefully his girl problems are getting better. I got a great talk with him- opened a door into the life of boy. Pretty much, girls rule their life, and girls are the devil. I felt very bad.

Friday night was either a bust or a blast, I cannot decide. Nat had a rendez-vous on our first night together, so I was out of luck chillin with her that night. Julia OA or Billy were supposed to call me to chill, but true to theatre-form, the call never came. I didn't mind terribly, because I got to watch Will and Grace, which hasn't happened in forever, and I got to walk to Nat's int he dark, house keys between knuckles, just ready for someone to jump out of hte bushes. Try it, I will fuck you up. It was really pretty that night- stars that you could actually, and all hte blooming trees smelled grrrreat.

Finally made it to Nat's- on time. That little poo broke curfew, but she had a good excuse. Something about hitting two deer and a fuzzy ferret? Possibly some turkies?
So yeah, giggle, giggle, loud college boys woke me up really early. Boys are dumb. Throw rocks at them so they wont do shit like that.

I ask you, why must the SAT be so early in the morning? I speant hours of bored precious time sitting between the Russian twins, trying to keep myself from throwing my extra cap-erasers at the lady who read directions too slowly. I hate SATs. All you do is finish to early and star at a wall one foot in front of you and wonder if college is really worth it.

So, apres le SATs, Nat and I walked to mi casa to feed the pets. On the way, we went through Pet Day on campus, and I got a ferret thrown at me. Really wanted to take it home. Natalie did too- I guess her mom has a thing against ferrets, so Nat's been scared of them for her whole life. When we made it home (with an inch of paperwork on how to adopt ferrets) we tried to explain to her mom how nice and sweet this ferret was.

"Mom, this ferret was so cute!"
"Until it bites you"
"Susan, it really was, it was all snuggly"
"Until it bites you"
"It woudn't do that, this kid was throwing it around and it was chill"

On our way to decorate NAt's adopted grandparents' door for May Day (yeah, I don't understand either) ROB the HUNK from work drove by and stopped to chat. Thank god I was looking cute. He jsut got back form his 2nd interveiw...boy I really hope I get that job. And Rob. What a foxxxxx. Natalie almost died. This my friends, is another reason why you work at a campus, and live in a college town.

Rest of Saturday was spent getting ready for the Prom Dates to show up. Any guesses how long it took us?

All I have to say is, take whatever number you came up with, multiply it by 4. We had a mini crises, when we thought Natalie's mamory glands had collapsed. Thank god, we were wrong. PHEW. I ended up wearing ALL of NAt's clothes for the evening- her shirt, her skirt, her bra. the only thing that was mine was my panties, and she bought those for me for my birthday that is in ONE WEEK. Buy me shit, yo. I like Sunglasses, cinniman gum and purses.

So I met Sam! Woot for old childhood theatre buddies going on semi-blinddates with each other in hopes of discovering they can be friends and thus not suck prom night up BIG TIME.

Let me tell you about these boys, who hopefully do not have Nat's blog address. Just incase, I will be especially flattering.

Both are cool enough to wear aviators- although Tim did borrow his from Sam's dad (which reveals that Sam comes form a very cool family. My dad does not own aviaters. Case in point) They were also cool enough to play FRISBEE! Oh man. Any boy that can throw a disc gets 50 points very quickly. even if they, like Sam, missed the person he was throwing it to once and managed to behead 4 of Mrs. Lewis' iriris in one fell swoop. Oops.

When is Natalie getting home?

Anyways, so dinner of the terrace. Spectacular. Except, somehow I got schisted into having tomatoes on my plate. ERG. Turns out none fo the four of us like T-bombs. So I did what any sharpminded girl would do.

Lesley: "Look!" *points over Tim and Sam's shoulders
S&T: "What?"
Lesley: *sneaks tomato onto Tim's plate*
Natale: "teeheeheehee"
S&T: "Look! There's our teacher form CV!"
Tim: "Oh wait, no. That wasn't him- this tomato wasn't here before."
Lesley: "Say what?"
Natalie: "Excuse me!" *stumbles away*
Tim: "This is so, so sad. Tomatoes are icky!"

And so it was.
So Mr Spartan. Jake Roy is my HERO. Dude, I always thought you were CRAZY, but I now also think you are EXCELLENT. Points also to whoever did the Bert and Ernie skit.

I like flowers
I like dirt
But most of all,
I like Bert.

So good.

I liked Mr Spartan
though it was hot and long
but most of all
i liked it when jillian tobin checked out my prom date.

Oh sorry, what, did that not rhyme? Alright, so I am a terrible person, and I shouldn't take about sam like he's not a person with feelings. Sam is excellent. He's funny, and wear aviators, is a ninja, kicks my as at Kung Fu Chaos, knows all my friends and is funny. I appreciate him as a person. Very cool cat. (suck that, Jillian with the wandering eyes!)

So we rolled out to Joel G's from 12th night. Cheers and Jeers:

Cheers to: jacob, if you are happy, your frkiends are happy
Jeers to: Peter's mom. You meanie.
Cheers to: Sean for staring at the Halo menu screen for 20 minutes. YOu are my hero
Jeers to: Sean for staring at the halo menu screen for 20 minutes. Haha.
Cheers to: Nick for talking to me for once. Fucker.
Jeers to: Badeau, for being so surprised to see me and Nat there. We party....sort of...
Cheers to: Jello
Jeers to: Egli for knocking the hotdog Sam was eating out of his hand ond onto my jeans
Cheers to: Egli for immediatly after eating the catsup that was on my jeans. You are a true pal.

9:41 AM

Lesley: "Cute sleeping noises"
Cell phone: "sambasambasamba"
Lesley: Who's annoying cell phone ring is that? Oh, mine. Alex changed it, I hate him."
Lesley: "Helloooo?"
Arlen: "Hey it's Arlen."
Lesley: "Whyyyyy?"
Arlen: "I was just calling to let you know I can't take you to church, I have to go get my parents."
Lesley: "Oook?"
Arlen: "Sorry"
Lesley: "Right, no problem"
Lesley: "Sorry Nat, if that woke you up."
Nat: *big silence because it turned out she was downstairs already, but I couldn't tell because I didn't have my contacts in*

So I made it to church, though not for much reason. Con this, con that. Mangmangmang. Arlen and I left early so he could get some napping and some basketball in.

Went to help move the set. I am a goddess of goodwill, let me tell you. Theatre is super. Organizing the HELL out of the lighting booth, throwing out moldy chinese food (GOOD JOB YOU FUCKERS), hanging up airfresheners (new car smell!) and being a general do-gooder. Though heaven knows that the new car smell will kill someone though, I did buy two...
So then it was all about me doing my nails at home and Nat at psych meeting, and her thinking she'd meet me at Webley a nd me staying the hell away because I don't know anyone there and there is no way I'm going anywhere I've never been before with people I don't know/like/my kill me for being a poser. They will. TRUST ME.

But now she's coming to get me because I'm a big dork. Well, at least I didn't get killed, right?

Time for this Big Dork to alle.

So yeah,m sorry again for hijacking NAt's blog. We'll fix that soon, I promise.

I like flowers,
I like dirt,
but most of all,
I can't flirt!

bite my tomato, cruel, cruel world

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