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Funny how little words spur so much controversy...
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Mood: le tired
Music: OTR - center of attention
Color: hello dolly pink
Vice: Katie Payne. oh. you know.

im not sure what to write, except i am beginning to notice that this year is closing.

i almost peed my pants this morning when i saw Bo's headshot on the bulletin board.

im clearly having problems with my bladder... i keep talking about how im going to pee my pants.

Mandy: how's the deacon's son?
Me: oh great. he's good in the sack.

5 minutes later

Mandy: haha, i get it. youre funny.
Me: oh, i lied. he's not good in the sack, he's GREAT.
Mandy: *pause* haha.

scaring people: a national pastime.

my sweater smells like time. such a comforting thought.
note to sam and joel: if he calls, tell him im with joel egli. see what happens then... :P

my own little world
is what i deserve
cause i am the only child there is
the king of it all
the belle of the ball
its only like i only exist
im the center of attention in the walls inside my head
and no one will ever know it if i keep my mouth shut tight
HEY YA, cruel cruel world... im not THAT concieted... its a song fucker...

what, mang SAT practice, i schooled you today...

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