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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Mood: tastes like gelatin... im ready for my camomile...
Music: beck - sex laws
Color: red
Vice:the fact i found out bo crotty has a crow named hernandez

1. What's the first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up?
i wanted to be a deer in first grade... like an actual deer... then i decided that i wanted to be a vet, but in 4th grade, Adrienne Oda told me i would have to put animals to sleep, so i changed my mind. I have changed my mind SOOOOOOO many times.
2. Describe a dream you remember?
haha, the most recent one was where Gillian Tobin was checking out Lesley's all-too-foxy prom date, Sam. Yes, i had a dream about it too, and i remember laughing and pointing at Gillian and Lesley screamed: "You can look, but you cant touch BEEYOCH!" and then she made out with him.
note: only the checking out part REALLY happened... sorry.
3. What book are you reading?
The incident of the dog in the nightime - its a book written from the perspective of an autistic child who has no emotion. its really interesting, and he captures the emotionless really well.
4. What colour are your sheets? Curtains?
my sheets have multicolored fish on them (it'll be dark when you see them...) and i dont have curtains right now.
5. What song is in your head right now?
born too sloooooooooooooooooow!
6. Waitaminnit... Where are you?
kitchen/family room. my brother is watching Osmosis Jones. Mang.
7. I am afraid of...:
deer, wild turkies, talking germs (Osmosis Jones...) smelly things/mold, boys with cooties, Eric, Ronda and Jeremy.
8. Your day job/dream job:
movie star. yep. you heard me. i live to be in the public eye. actually, i would enjoy being a personal assistant to a movie star - you get almost all the same perks, and yet, you arent in the public eye. If you get lucky (like Ben Affleck's) you get to make out with Matt Damon...
9. What movie have you seen the most times?
haha, fight club or moulin rouge... by far... although, they did play man in the iron mask on repeat on a 18 hour flight...
10. One question for Jesus, or Buddha or Muhammed, etc:
11. The guilty pleasure you'd really rather not admit to here:
haha, i have this thing for Van Halen...
12. Comfort food of choice:
weed is pretty comforting... but uh... chocolate chip cookies... yuuuummmmm... and guacamole!
13. What's the last video you rented ?
uh. good question? i havent rented movies in a LONG time...
14. Who do people say you look like?
like the weird freckley faced kid... uh... julia said i had the same profile as Tim, but i find that creepy and highly unlikely...
15. What's the bane of your existence?
the internet.
16. What's the last thing you found on the ground and picked up?
quarters. 2 of them. they fell out of my purse.
17. A writer worth reading:
Kurt Vonnegut. Jaqueline Susann. Bill Fitzgerald.
18. Where would you like to grow old?
east coast. up north.
19. A word of wisdom:
"you spend most of your life sleeping, and most of your body is made out of water - so get your ass outside, party more, and drink other things than water!"
20. The question you get asked ALL THE TIME!!!:
"did you screw him?"
the answer is always "no," my friends...
21. When was your last hospital visit?
last tuesday. went for my interview/meeting
22. The last thing you said out loud:
"is that Bill Murray?" - true story.
23. Current clothing:
jeans, denmark (why am i always wearing it when i do surveys??!?!?!) and pumas
24. In my last lifetime I was probably...
a guppy... and then i was a cow. mang... life was good back then...

going out for tea, cruel cruel world... dont miss me too much...

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