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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Mood: Alright.
Music: Modest Mouse - Float On
Color: overcast
Vice: LVL computer lab. (LVL = LeaVey Library)

I ran my car in to a cop car the other day.

big jk.

I finished another script last night. I showed up at the library around 5:30, and stayed until 9:30. for those of you who can't tell time or do math, that means i was in the library, sitting at a desk, for 4 hours.
catch that? here is comes again:
I could have seen 2 movies in that time.
I could have driven to portland and back in that time.
I could have eaten dinner 8 times in that time.
I could have had 4 1hr conversations with lesley in that time.
I could have written 12 postcards in that time.
I could have written 400000 posts in that time.
I could have peed an uncountable amount of times.
I could have had 3000000 IM conversations in that time.
It was a long time guys. No good.
I think Jill (my screenwriting buddy) is slowing me down. Althought it did take me at least 3 hours to write it in the first place, Jill whined and pestered me for at least an hour. News flash Jill: youre getting annoying. You're a great screenwriting reference, but you dont make the best screenwriting buddy.
She spent at least 30 minutes switching computers in the room because "there was too much noise."
i heard the clicking of keyboards and the modest mouse CD i was listnening to.
She spent at least 10 minutes glancing over the partition at me to get my attention.
I ignored her. I was working.
She spent at least 5 minutes staring at the screen waiting for ME to go figure out how to print.
I did figure out how to print, but its only because she was wasting time and didn't.
She's driving me crazy right now. So today, Aaron is going to loan me his computer, and I am going to work in my room with Sam and Jessica, whom i love, and who loves me.
Sam and Jes are the greatest.
besides bunny of course.
So today, I'm taking a break from the Jill, who loomed in my dormroom for an hour after she "couldnt find her roommate" and then forced me to go next door to "visit," which meant "try to get involved in the orgy that was taking place."
N.O. thank you.
I promptly excused myself, and she came back and questioned if i had abandoned her.
which i had actually done.
she left later.
i would have died had she not.
OH! all of this doesnt even cover what she did all morning.
She volunteered to read her script first in class (i never read) and she got a lot of critism. Her script was not a very good idea.
So then she sulked.
and sulked.
and sulked.
and as we walked to wait in line for 45 minutes to get student body cards which we should have recieved in out $5000 tuition, she sulked.
and then asked me what i thought. honestly.
"Natalie, don't lie to me. I'll know."
"Jill, why would i lie to you about this?"
and i did.
just a little.
so she would shut the fuck up.
She was seriously concerned that her FIRST script and all the critisism it recieved had just BLOWN her chances at getting into USC screenwriting school.
bad news sweetheart, they take 28 people a year. 28 SUPER TALENTED people a year.
Then she was worried the professor hated her.
then she was worried the class hated her.
then she was worried about the new assignment.
so after i gave her reasonable answers to all of her questions, she called her mom.
who told her exactly what i told her.
so we went back to class.
then back to our rooms.
and i waited for an hour.
while she talked to her mom on the phone.
(trust me: it is the last time i will do that.)
she pretty much talked about EVERYTHING that she had talked about earlier, but whined less because she didnt want her mom to think she was breaking under stress.
So i called lesley.
who told me she was going to call me back.
and did so an hour later.
but anyway, her mom apparently "helped" her with her new script idea.
which is honestly, just as confusing and bad as the first one.
and she used it.
wrote for 3 hours.
asked me what i thought.
i gave her good answers.
even though her dialogue sounded like it was comming out of a person with a stick up their ass that talks in perfectly punctuated grammatically correct complete sentences.
which is clearly not the way real people talk.
it looked silly.
but i didnt tell her that.
so when i asked her really specific questions about my script.
she blew me off and gave me a "yeah. i totally think so."s
yeah, not okay.
this partnership shit is done.

okay, overall, im sorry guys. i just needed to vent, and i didnt know any other way. sam already told me how insecure and negative she is (which is a really bad thing when it comes from sam. she is nice to everyone, and if she says something bad about you, it means you are really bad.) and how i should pick up and shove off because she is not doing anything good for me.
too bad i have to walk to class with her in 40 minutes.
i mean, i dont want to totally blow her off becuase it will hurt her feelings, but i need my space -
what should i do cruel cruel world?

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