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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Mood: depressed, yet hopefull
Music: the song that plays when lesley calls on my cell phone
Color: blueberry
Vice: these MASSIVE blueberries i keep eating (theyre huge!) and of course, Lesley.

Saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind with Lesley last night. We sat next to joel's mom. it was weird. we really wanted the couch, but lucille and paula house showed up right after us and sat near the door of the theater so they could sneak in before we did.
frick. we wanted to snuggle on that couch.
well, we had a wonderous ride home.
i really wanted to snuggle after that. (what made me feel funny now, is that Tim was just online, but not really. he is still in mexico. somebody is messing with you IM, buddy.)
but it made me want to snuggle more.
he comes home in 2 days.
im like one of those kids who has to pee, but there isnt a bathroom, so they dance around really funny.
i did that dance 3 minutes ago.
then i sat down.
and started eating blueberries.

i slept in this morning.
which is odd. because i usually cant do it anymore.
and i have a lot to do today:
father's day
go to a funeral
talk to lesley
finish packing (trust me, im only through preliminary packing #1)

so i think im off to veg in front of the tv.
and think about eternal sunshine... hopefully on my spotless mind.
cruel cruel world, you seem to work in the wieeeeeeeeeerdest ways.

question of the blog: if you are saying "hello" like homestar runner, is it spelled: "hewow" "hehwoah" or "huwoah" or "huwow"?

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