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Friday, June 25, 2004

Mood: crampy and tired
Music: kiss - i wanna rock and roll all night
Color: smog
Vice: LA

I miss you all very much and will write more when i have more than 5 minutes to blog. I'll get charged $5 if i go over. Dont want that, do we?

highlights so far:
- GENE SIMMONS. Yes, lead singer of kiss. spits blood. huge toungue. has fucked 40,000 women. Sat 5 rows in front of me on the airplane. I've been to LA 2 times before this and have never seen a celebrity, and then all of a sudden, one takes an alaskan airlines flight from PORTLAND? weird.
- Loyolla-Marymount University - loved it. And i have 50 points over the higher number in their SAT range. This is the fallback school. thank god. not one in oregon...
- Santa Barbara - Ate next door to The Ivy last night. and if anyone knows what that is, you totally know that i am freaking out. hahahahahahh. nerrrd alert! anywho, the pier is beautiful, the smog has cleared (a little) and its finally nice out. wahoooooo!
- the people - when you have a slovak cab driver who drives while talking on his cell phone saying things like "he's in jail? thats tooooo bad!" and "im going to come over and screw with his wife a little" you know youre not in oregon anymore.

The next time i will probably write is monday. maybe sunday if we're lucky. until then, i miss you verrrrrrrry much cruel cruel world, and i will talk to you asap.

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