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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Mood: tired
Music: muzak in the hotel lobby. smoooth tunes
Color: blue
Vice: L.A. and emails from people

I once again have about 9 minutes to pump out a blog.
Lets get to it.

Last night my mother and i went to a resturant in southern santa barbra. We had this really intense conversation about relationships, and she kind of admitted to things with dad havent been going well since i was young. (i made a statement, and she agreed to it. she didnt say it specifically) but i think i was really healthy to talk with her. On the other hand, i did not bring up that demon that has been haunting me. i dont think now is the time, since my dad gave out his office resignation on wednesday. He's leaving the corperation he started becuase he's ended up paying for over 80% and he owns just as much of the company as everyone else. he's losing money. So he's hitting the road by february. Right now he's looking for office space near the hospital. but anywayyy...
Today, we're heading north to Montana Blvd. and The 3rd street prominade, which should be just awesome.

Yesterday at LMU, i met a boy whos going to USC. He's doing the Animation workshop (tim has nothing to worry about) we all know that the animation kids are all kind of creepy anyway. :-P

TOMORROW is the big day, and i dont know what to do with myself. I do however, know that a lighter got into my suitcase somehow, made it through security, and all the way to LA. wayyyy to go airport security. way to fucking go.

I might go see Napoleon Dynamite tonight. I've really wanted to see that. I really wanted to see farenheight 9/11, but its not playing in santa barbra. Hopefully, @ USC, we'll go on some sort of day excursion where i can see that movie. Otherwise, im waiting till its on video. Thats what happens when you go away for a month.

I accidently woke up bunny this morning. Sorry chicadee. I lurrrrv you!

i will know my USC mailing address tomorrow. I will post it asap.

I love you all cruel cruel world. And at times, its good to realize that i am truely blessed.

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