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Monday, June 21, 2004

Mood: fucky - i want my damn shot glasses back from girls night out
Music: i will - beatles
Color: green
Vice: senior pictures: knowing that they SUCK ASS

I am fairly incapacitated.
In a sense that i am in "recluse mode" for the second day in a row.
y.e.s. please.
I miss my boyfriend.
He should stop being so SELFLESS and get home to SELFISH me.
I want him to wake me up wednesday morning. Regardless of me being any of the following:
unbelievably happy to see him

i have had tooooo many dreams about him within the last 72 hours about waking up and seeing him there.

they were awfully upsetting, considering i would "wake up," find him there, and then "wake up" again.

You know that terrible feeling of when you just wake up and youre not completely conscious? Try that a couple times each morning, and thats how it feels.
but much worse, because you really want to be spending time with this person, and yet, it is totalllly impossible.

baby, stop building playgrounds and school foundation for poor mexican children and come home to me.

im such a spoiled bitch.

anywho, on to bigger... and better things...

right... dont have many of those...
i think i'll go out to tea with hannah now.
maybe find some easy skater ass down by the river cruel cruel world...

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