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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Mood: Chill
Music: Radiohead - Everything in its right place
Color: mauve
Vice: matza. its the jew in me... sometimes.

So i got in trouble yesterday.
big trouble.
Mom was really upset about the pictures Nora took while we were driving I-5.
They can be seen here. Apparently it was a bigger deal than i thought.
On a brighter note: my timbuk2 bag arrived.

is it wrong that i want more than one?
seriously, if you all want to chip in for my birthday, and get me on of the "artist design" bags (THE ORANGE ONE or THE BLUE ONE!)
Oh man. Gotta stop.
So I was reading this new cosmo i bought (the one with ANGELINA JOLIE on the cover!) and it pretty much said everything ive been saying for the last few years. For example:
"Every relationship has a 3 month period at the beginning where everything is perfect and your man is pretty much idolized as a Zeus in your eyes."
I call it "The Honeymoon Period"
However, Cosmo goes on to talk about how after that period, you begin to realize his flaws, and you shouldnt give up on him at that point.
which is something i never realized.
well, i realized that they had flaws after the third month, but i didnt realize that i should stick through it.
Cosmo also went on to point out that when you "realize your man is not the Zeus you made him up to be" you should remember all the good things about him that you do enjoy.
Like how good he is in the sack.
So enough about Cosmo, cruel cruel world... how are YOU doing?

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