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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Mood: giggly - post sex and the city
Music: franz ferdinand. the whole cd.
Color: purple - FABULOUS!
Vice: sex in the city, water, sunscreen, and of course, Lesley.

I love Lesley.
I love Lesley so much. She makes me giggle.
Regardless of how much i make fun of her.
No matter how much I tease her.

This, was an Ode To Lesley

We just finished watching 3 episodes of Sex in the City.
It was outrageous.
For those of you that are not familiar, I am Carrie, She is Charlotte.
Lesley explained that statement to me as follows:
"You are Carrie because youre a writer and you like shoes."
Uh huh.
I suppose that makes sense.
I also have this terribly unrealistic idea of love.
Wear bad coats.
Talk to strangers about how we're going to get married. Like French movies. In the rain. And have torrid affairs.
Have inner-dialogues.
And lots of relationships that I claim to learn from.
Yes. I take the responsibilty of being Carrie.

Lesley, on the other hand, shows lots of Charlotte traits.
She's sweet.
Looks adorable. All the time. Even if she wears a skirt in winter.
Takes me me to weird seminars.
Scratch that.
Wears heavy makeup only when she wants to make herself look vampier.

And I love her.
Like Carrie loves Charlotte.

Too bad the show ended.
I suppose we'll just have to rent the entire season.

We have yet to find out Samantha and Miranda.
We'll work on it though.
I promise.

On to other things:
Today was pretty fun. I went to the Vineyard Mountain pool with Mackenzie, Jacob, and of course, Lesley. Kendra, Kenzie's sister, was there, and attempted, with Mac, to teach us this totally perposterous game called "Toe-Tickily-Tee!"
Or something like that.
Note: they made this shit up. Swear to God.
So as soon as i walked in the pool area, i was suddenly bombarded with requests:
"Natalie! Do you have a golf tee with you?"
"Natalie! Do you have anything that will float in water that you can stick between your toes?"
"Natalie! Have anything in your purse that will float in the water?"
"Hey Natalie! How are you?"
(That last one was hard to answer)
"I don't know."
Because i really didnt.
I was happy to be out in the sunshine having a good time.
But i was not happy to be in a swimsuit.
HOWEVER, I did fashionably get in the pool (without looking like a total putz) AND i found something in my purse that would work for their silly game.
Which they (Jacob, Mackenzie, and Kendra) played while we (Me and Les) watched.
I think once was enough.
Because they lost interest.
I guess it was more fun when you were 6.

So we had an awesome time.
And we went to Jacob's after.
And then Jacob, became Betty-Fucking-Crocker and made us all bacon sandwiches with avocado.
i even ate tomato on mine.
which is unbelievable.
Because Jacob, who is incredible, knows exactly how to slice a tomato.
Please. Come to my house. Slice me totmatoes.
Uh. yeah. never mind.
So! He makes us food. Mac and Kendra had to leave to go have a family chat with "John" (dont ask. we bonded about that though.) so Les, Jacob and I (WEIRD, AGAIN.) went downstairs to play the crazy taxi game on Jacob's dreamcast and play music.
So Lesley came back with me to my house. We ate dinner with Nathaniel, Zeke, and my family.
We were like the fucking Bradys.
Anywho, We had a nice time... embarassing Lesley and whatnot.
Sorry. I love you. :P
Then we went back to her house.
And waited for Mackenzie to call.
and for Jacob to call.
Mackenzie never called.
Weak sauce man. Weak.
Jacob did.
But it was already 9.
And we didnt have time to watch Igby Goes Down.
Now i will never be educated for film school.
But we watched Sex in the City instead.
And i learned lots of things.
Things i wouldn't learn for film school.
Like guys that need extra sushi? Not cool.
Counting how many guys you would have imaginary sex with? Cool.
Letting a guy back into your life after he's cheated on you because he gave you a whopping canary diamond? Not cool.
Spending time with your best friend even though she's post-preggers? Cool.
Being in love with a city rather than a person? Cool.
Wearing silly clothes and beautiful shoes? Cool.
Having flings with sailors? Sometimes cool. Depends on how hot he is.

Cruel cruel world, I hope i get lots of sex in the city.

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