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Monday, June 28, 2004

Mood: I have to pee. Badly. Ive been writing for 3 hours.
Music: Danger Mouse - the gray album. Its the only thing that kept me going!
Color: beige, the color of this desk!
Vice: USC computer lab. No joke. Its my home away from home... now...

USC is wonderful. I have an awesome professor (Ron Friedman - look him up on IMBD, NO JOKE.) a cool roommate, Sam (but she's no Bunny!) a fun class buddy, Jill (she's written screenplays before, so she's keeping me alive!), and two very badass homies, Jessica and Aaron (represent!)

I am having an awesome time, and I will promise i will write more when i dont have to finish my first homework assignment or pee sooooo bad.

I miss you alllll! And I will post my address tomorrow - i apparently get it at the floor meeting tonight!

go trojans cruel cruel world? bah, who am i kidding, GO BEAVS!

ps. can you believe they have pins here that say "beat oregon state"? i laughed... for a minute, i thought we were famous!?

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