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Monday, June 07, 2004

Mood:Kind of nervous. Kind of chill. Kind of sad.
Music:Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel
Color:Blue Plastic Chair
Vice:Folk Music/Doing Grades for Ms. Russell

I've figured it all out:
I will miss this school year.

So much has happened, and I think I've grown a lot. I dont think it was all my doing either. So big end of the year shout out to these people:

Lesley: You're the best friend a murmaid could have! You have taught me so much this year, I can't even begin to thank you.
Nora:My dearest orgasm... er... mrazgasm buddy! We are going this weekend, and we will have to talk on the phone (Cause i know how much you LOVE IT) before then so we can get the d's figured out.
Arlen:Just when i thought i had you figured out, you blew me away. Thanks so much for the good times. Lets try not to forget them.
Katie:Regardless of the past turbulence, we seem to have survived and kept from killing each other. I wish you only the best in everything you do.
Tim:Who knew? Seriously. I'll always be your witchy woman, so you bes not be going to Mexico and getting yourself a new one! You started out as the "admire from afar" type, but we all know where you are now...
Sam:my dearest bitchy buddy, next time you dont know what midol is, just ask. You know that you are dear to me, and you made bitching at people during 12th totally worth it.
Blou Carman:I know you've read this, so i figure if im going to write something, i might as well write it to you: thank you so much for everything youve taught me this year. I started out as a real skeptic in your class, but i soon grew to love it and it has taught me so much about psychology in general and about myself. If I didnt have enough problems of my own, i would seriously consider a career in psych. thank you for everything.
Beth Russell: I can never thank you enough for your endless guidance. It is because of you that I got into the USC program this summer. You are an amazing woman, and I hope i kick as much ass as you do some day.
Sophie:From sacre charlamagne to 12th, we have made it through to the other side. Best of luck at SCRIPPS, you know im jealous. I love you to deaaaath!
Katie (ma sister): Thank you so much for teaching me what college is all about: having a good time. I'm sorry if i ruined your weekend fun by getting drunk... then upset... then going off with your exboyfriend, but in reality, think about who the one was that was like "ooooh, Natalie said she wanted to suck me off...blah blah blah." so next time you think about how i ruined your weekend, keep in mind: I was just the person who was trying not to judge people by what i heard. I was trying to make my own judgements - which i did. In conclusion: Hunter is a bitch. you should kick him in the balls.
Susan Bottomley:You dont know me, but i hope you find this by typing your name into a search engine. I just wanted to thank you for ruining my life and adding a new level of stress this year. You have no idea how you affected my life, or how it will make a difference, but when i snap, you will know it. and you will feel the same pain that i have felt since i was ten. thanks a lot.
Joel (P.): Thanks for being a good friend when i needed it, and a bad one when i realized it was time for change. Not only were you hypocritical from the moment i realized something was wrong, but you made it even harder for me to forgive you. Thank you for showing me that friendship isnt easy, and when you gotta give tough love, you just gotta do it. No going back.
Dine: I will never forget all of those wonderful psych moments we shared, or those great girls nights out. So many wonderful things have come out of our friendship, and there is no way i can ever thank you for everything youve done for me.
Hannah:never have i felt such a strong connection to someone so quickly! Regardless of you being skeptical of me in the beginning, i am so pleased that our friendship has blossomed into something so beautiful. Thank you for teaching me so much about life: how to live it, how to rock it, and how to kick its ass when necessary. I will have this ever-continuing replay of mackenzie on your shoulders falling flat on her face. thank you for that. Also, that blonde baseballer? yeah, he's gonna get double teamed...
MacKenzie: You know the friendship we have is very powerful, and even though, you silly little gemini, you crush under pressure when it comes down to it. yes, i will kiss you, as i will toulouse, by the end of my senior year. bwahahhahaha.
Inbar:I am so sorry our friendship has fluxuated from freshman PE buddies, to catty teenagers, and thanks to girls night, cordial friends. I wish we would have had girls night sooner to heal the wounds, but we didnt. I'm glad we get along, and i look forward to more girls nights in the future.
Tom Sollit:I've already typed your name and im laughing out loud... 'nough said.
Joel G.:Regardless, i will always love the fact that you are constantly looking for a good time. I promise, this summer, i will have a GREAT time at your sister's house. wahoo.
Bo:You + Me = you know what this summer. August. the date is set my man. (dont take that out of context, you know EXACTLY what im talking about, you idiots.)
Jacob:I know. we didnt talk this year, at all. But thank you for sharing the meaning of true grit with me. I also wanted to thank you for reminding me that not everything is perfect, and people fuck up. When they do, its okay to forget about it and move on. I've only got one lifetime as myself, so why should i wait around for toulouse? I'm not. I'm over it. It's done.
Topher:Oh dear. well. thank you for showing me that bitterness changes nothing. life will move on without you, whether you are still bitter or not. I'm over it now.
Bear:Thank you so much for snuggling with me in my green comforter. Although you have no facial expression, and your arms, or lack thereof, do not make for good cuddling, you have done the best that you could ever do.
Lucy:Thanks for standin in for me.

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