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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Mood: tired, excited, nervous
Music: hotel lobby music
Color: yellow
Vice: smog, writing emails

Walked for 6 hours yesterday, pretty much exploring Santa Barbara. Ei caramba.
Bought a skirt. Wanted to buy a shirt that said "please dont eat me, i love you" with a cute pig on it, but mom said no. I also wanted a shirt that said "i am a squirrel" and had this stick figure squirrel on it. funny.
in that same store (urban outfitters) my mom found a celebrity. It was the old woman from judging amy (i think her name is faye something...) and he had dyed the ends of her hair pink. she was also wearing a terrible smock thing. WHEN im a celebrity, I will wear cute things on my days off. no joke. i will make it my mission to be cute on my days off.

saw Napoleon Dynamite yesterday. terrible. actually, terrible. I HATE IT SOOO BAD. it was a terrible movie, and i reccomend that you all avoid it like the plague.
for the record, maybe you should see it if you are high, drunk, or have the sense of humor of a 11 year old. it was teeeeeeeerrrrrrible!

anyway, i leave for USC in about an hour. im really nervous, but really excited at the same time. im not sure what to think.
cruel cruel world, i hope it goes reaaaally well.

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