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Monday, June 14, 2004

Mood:Why can i still smell camels and cheap beer?
Music:Snowflakes - just jack
Color:purple... FABULOUS
Vice:trying to cheer up my mother/spending money/talking to lesley when she's drunk

so i finished the photojournal from the Jason Mraz day. you can view it here at your own risk.

went to Zach's house last night for a little goodbye shindig. It pretty much resulted in me talking with Em, Basha and Tali. Then briefly with Mic and Alex about cigs. And then clinging to Lolo for dear life.
And then i got bored.
So i call my girl, bunny, and her cellphone is wacky (damn you AT&T) so i call her back at jacobs house because, go figure, thats where she is.
They want a place to... uh... chill.
So i get bored of the awkward out of placeness (the fauxhawk got mixed reviews) and i retreated to Jacobs, which, while i walked towards the house, they were walking out of the door (way to wait for me kids!) But anywho, we hop in the volvo (1 of 5 on the street, this one just happened to be Jacob's "the little volvo" which looks like a retro rocket) and headed to borders to buy his little sister a birthday gift (way to forget, buddy.)
Duh, borders is closed.
So we go to wendys to get jacob cheap food.
Okay, so when did "eat great, even late" go out of effect?
they are closed.
So we go to McDonalds.
$6 worth of double cheesburgers.
Therefore, we were in posession of 6 double cheesburgers.
damn. i am so good at math. (however, if we had resturant tax, id be fucked)
Anywho, we go out to the "middle of nowhere/abandoned cul de sac" up on the hill by soap creek. Amazing little spot.
And we chilled.
Or something like that.
we had this incredibly rediculous discussion about girls kissing girls and whether that is cheating or not.
Jacob rationalized it claiming it is "out of love" and "doesnt count"
right. the way i see it, is if im not drunk, it counts.
whatever. so uh, on their* (*meaning lesley and jacob's) side of the backseat* (*backseat is down and we're just chillin in a volvo - me and mac on one side, jacob and les on the other.) they start getting pretty cosy (lots of whispering and weird exchanges between me and mac), so mac and i excused ourselves and ventured out into the open air.
aka, we sat on the hood of the car while i tried to easedrop.
its hard to do when youre next to the open window which is next to the stereo.
anyway, they chit chat it up while mac, in her... uh... alteredness, tries do distract me.
(nice try.)
we get back in the car because its time to take lesley home. bunny and i have a "moment" as we tear down the hill towards her house.
we're going to talk today.
i dont feel like discussing what its about. (but im sure that those who are aware of the past situation can guess to some extent.)
in all honesty, it doesnt really matter to me anymore. i thought i made that clear.
anyway, so we drop les at home, drive down about 20 yards, and jacob and mac make a mad dash to take a piss.
jacob runs behind a bush.
mac decides to pee next to my car door.
(how kind.)
as they drip dry back towards the car, we jet back towards jacob's so i can drive my own car home.
we encounter a cop.
go figure.
he tailgates jacob as he goes the speed limit down western.
and then follows us down 34th.
but then turns.
they drop me off.
i drive home.
but jacob liked my fauxhawk.
he said it was vogue.
mac liked my fauxhawk.
she wants me to do her hair like that.
Lesley still calls me the terrodactyl.
but i will do her hair like that anyway.
i love my friends cruel cruel world.

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